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I may be Robin's biggest fan, but I am by no means her only fan! There are tons of people out there who enjoy her work as Skye, Lorna, or any other role she has played! When asked, why are you a Robin Christopher fan, here's what they had to say....

LAURA B.~I've been a fan of Robin Christopher's ever since she first came on AMC. Well, that's not *exactly* true. The first week or so she was on, I hated her. You see, I really liked the original Skye--the one with the Australian accent. I was annoyed they had re-cast the role and was not inclined to like the replacement. Well, what can I say, RC won me over and I soon found myself liking Skye more than any other character, despite the fact that she was trouble. I guess the reason I was able to care about the character, and the reason I still do, is that Robin brings such depth to the role. She is unlike other soap characters who are "bad girls." She can be devious and manipulative and downright nasty, but somewhere underneath it all, you can see the humanity and sensitivity and the longing for love. I love that aspect of Skye and it's only possible because of RC's amazing talent. It's all in the eyes. She can make you feel what the character is feeling. She's the best. I hope GH uses her immense talent to its fullest.

CHESSY G.~Robin Christopher quickly became my favourite actress on daytime when she first came on to All My Children. She played the character of Skye with great feeling and depth. I remember coming home from school to watch my tape of All My Children and getting mad if Skye was not on that day. She has the great talent of expressing her character's emotions. I was upset when she left AMC . I started to tape Another Word when she came on as Lorna. I was very happy to hear she was coming back as Skye Chandler and started to watch One Life To Live again. Now that she has moved to General Hospital and I have also started to watch it again. Robin is a great actress and seems like a very pleasant woman. I will follow her to whatever soap she may go on and wish her the best of luck.

AMANDA B. ~Robin Christopher is a truly remarkable actress. I have only recently become a fan of hers and regret that I missed her earlier days on "All My Children" and "Another World". Robin's beauty is only surpassed by her talent, which shines through in her work, especially in scenes with Emmy-winning actors such as Linda Dano, Stuart Damon, and David Canary. As Skye Chandler, Robin has displayed such a multitude of emotions. I especially love to see the vulnerable side of Skye, she has indeed grown into one of my favourite characters on television. I wish Robin much success in the future; she has gained me as a fan for life! Best wishes!

DIVA~When Skye first came to Llanview, I wasn't a big fan. I didn't like the character, but it took Robin Christopher's acting ability to lure me into liking Skye Chandler. As an acting student, I noticed that Robin was definitely one of the best actresses I had seen in soaps. She's very talented and has that ability to turn her emotions on and off like a light switch. Her delivery is always unbelievably great and she's constantly in character. On soaps, I tend to notice actors slipping in and out of character, but I've never found this to be true with Robin. She goes very far as an actress. Her appearance...In my opinion, she has that old Hollywood look to her. The look that actresses had back in the day..that Greta Garbo/Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn/Bette Davis type look. She has a unique look to her and if I were a casting director for anything, I would demand to have her in my show. She's gorgeous and the best actress. Give the woman an award! Gotta love that shiny Red hair!!!

BRITTANY~One of the things I admire most about Robin is the fact that she brings a smooth, cool presence to her character, even when ''Skye'' is in an argument. Robin Christopher is a classy, intellectual, sweet, beautiful, talented woman. I am definitely a fan.

JODI S. ~Simply put, RC is just beautiful !! Her acting ability is so natural, effortless and REAL. She lets you into her world and you feel everything that she is feeling at that moment. You get "lost" in her performance. She is also very well-rounded, not just a one-dimensional actress. RC plays every emotion to the extreme and takes you right along with her. It is a wonderful experience.........thanks Robin Christopher!!!!

LAUREN~I have been a fan of Robin Christopher's since she first appeared on All My Children as Skye Chandler. RC is one of my favourite actresses because of her phenomenal ability to convey her character's emotions.

JENNIFER M. ~I am a fan of Robin Christopher because she is such a versatile actress; she can be sassy and sarcastic one minute, and the next, very emotional and vulnerable. She adds excitement and humour to whatever show she's on and works well with every actor she's situated with. I look forward to her working with the great cast of General Hospital!

LAURA G. ~I've been a fan of Robin's ever since her AW days and I enjoy her acting style immensely. She has a grace and beauty that is very evident on-screen but what I find most impressive is her ability to convey emotions beyond the written word. Her use of subtext, with her expressive eyes and body language, are often very subtle but hugely effective.

If you are a fan of Robin Christopher, and would like to be included in her fans' page, email me at In a few sentences or a short paragraph, if you'd like, tell me why you are a fan of Robin's. Please include your name or online nickname. I will include any responses- as long as they are positive and non-vulgar. Your entry may be edited for clarity. Show Robin your support! Let her know you're a fan!