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About Me/Contact Info

UPDATED: FEB. 10, 2003
Hey everyone! Here's just a small mini-bio about me, so you can get to know your webmistress a little....

My name is Karen Monforton. I am 16 years old and I am in Grade 11 at Holy Names High School. I have an older sister named Jen, and a Siamese cat named Sammy. I live in Windsor, Canada....I am a proud Canadian!
My hobbies are of course watching soaps, singing, drawing portraits, writing stories, playing volleyball, acting, filming movies and working with computers. My dream job would be to be an actress on General Hospital. I absolutely love acting. I was in the drama club at my grade school and have been in several plays. I hope that one day I can be as good as the actors on GH-especially Robin!!!- and get the opportunity to work with them.
  However seeing as it probably isn't likely that I'll ever be on GH, it is my other dream goal to be the next Nia Vardalos- that is, write and star in my own movies. I am in the process of writing my first film which I hope will make yours truly- and another certain actress who shall remain nameless for the time being, LOL- stars of the silver out for ANGEL STANDING BY, coming to a theatre near you!!! (Well with any luck, anyways....)
Now I just want to give some shout-outs to my favourite people!!!
My Windsor Buds:
Michelle: Smooth, Tom, Jam, Good Laugh, Judas, Jubas, JP & JI, Shows's Over Synergy...ohhh man too many inside jokes!
Megan: Our brownies kick the ass of all other brownies!!!
Melissa: Take another one....and good times in art with LIGHTNING and our FAVOURITE teacher!! mwahh
Olivia: Green windows, Pogs and that's the end. I turned you into a GH fan mwahahahaha!!!
Teresa: I TOTALLY did not steal the bunny role from you in grade 1, it was all Miss Pastorius I swear!!! LOL
Laura: My dancing partner! mwahh!!! Glad I got ya hooked on GH! We will play MASH forever!!!
Chris T.: Never forget Raul...;) and our idea for that video...Gilbert vs. Cottingham vs. Plante...who will win BitchFest 2003???? Thanks for the dance!! :)
Geoff: The coolest cousin on the face of the planet!!! Our movies will make us rich one day!!!!
Chris C: So glad we're in "Mark's Band" rocks eh??? mwahhh
Laura, Allison, Erica and Melissa: We are the ANGELS and we rule!!!
Jackie: I'll never forget our amazing memories....EH COMMENT??? Les Quatre Flammés....Choobs...Jersey....ahhh :)
Jordan: You're a great person, and never forget to watch out for ducks!!! They might WING you!!!
Matt: You're a real cool cousin...glad I'm getting to know you!
Steph K, Rebecca, LesleyAnne, Theresa, Julie, Alicia, Angela, Katie, Francesca, Joanna, Bri, Karen, Ewelina, girls are all great!!!
And My Online Pals:
Christine, Amanda, Gina, Lori, Erin, Melissa Grigo, Nicole, Carina, Jacinda, Christmas, Dustin, Dim, Katie Too & Vert (My Bo&Gabby buddies!!)....everyone at the Robin Christopher FanSpot...all the posters at the OLTL Mediadomain, thanks for a very interesting and unpredictable all the sweethearts who welcomed me so nicely at the Coltin Scott Message all the wacky and creative posters at SoapZoneGH...can't post there anymore but I love reading your posts!!!!
Well if there's anything else you want to know about me, just ask!
And if you have any comments on the site, compliments, contstructive criticisms, suggestions, etc. feel free to email me!
Just click this address to send me mail

Thanks a lot! I appreciate all feedback!!