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Every month on the front page, there is a poll where RC's fans can's what they had to say!!


Q: Which other GH character would you like to see Robin play for a week, just for fun?

Carly - 6

Tracy - 4

Helena - 3

Alexis - 2

Elizabeth - 1

Emily - 1



Q: Which of Robin's recent co-stars if your favourite?

Ted King - 20

Anthony Geary - 7

Jane Elliot - 2

Billy Warlock - 2

Ingo Rademacher - 2

Scott Clifton - 1



Q: Who should be Skye's long-term love interest?

Lorenzo Alcazar - 28

Luke Spencer - 8

Jasper Jacks - 1

Sonny Corinthos - 1

Coleman - 1



Q: What should happen between Skye and Lorenzo?

Go from business partners, to friends, to lovers - 23

A Luke/Skye/Lorenzo triangle, with Lorenzo winning - 4

A Luke/Skye/Lorenzo triangle, with Luke winning- 4

Use each other to make Luke and Carly jealous, but end up falling for each other - 3

Use each other to make Luke and Carly jealous, and have Skuke and CarLo reunite - 2

Just keep them as friends - 1

Too soon to tell - 1



Q: Who should play Skye in General Hospital: the Movie?

Marcia Cross -2

Julianne Moore - 2

Laura Leighton - 1

Laura Linney - 1



Q: What is your favourite thing about Skye?

Her smart, sarcastic wit - 3

Her childlike vulnerability - 3

Her unpredictable spunk - 2

Her compassion - 2

Her classic beauty - 1

Her indifference to Sonny - 1


Q: If you could match Skye up with any character on any TV show, who would it be?

David Hayward (All My Children) - 2

Thorne Forrester (The Bold & the Beautiful) - 1

John Clark (NYPD Blue) - 1

Baldwin Jones (NYPD Blue) - 1

Michael Vaughan (Alias) - 1



coming soon!


Q: Aside from Tony Geary (Luke), upon her return, with whom would you like to see Robin share more scenes?

Cynthia Preston (Faith) - 8

Jane Eliot (Tracey) - 5

Natalia Livingston (Emily) - 5

Scott Clifton (Dillon) - 3

Greg Vaughan (Lucky) - 3

Rick Hearst (Ric) - 3

Jed Allan (Edward) - 2

Wally Kurth (Ned) - 1



Q: On which reality show do you think Skye could be the winner?

The Mole- 3

American Idol - 1

I'd rather see guys try to win HER on The Bachelorette- 1 


Q: On which ABC primetime show would you like to see Robn guest-star?

I'd rather see her host NBC's Saturday Night Live- 6

The Practice- 6

Alias- 3

Hope and Faith- 3

Less Than Perfect- 3

NYPD Blue- 2

According to Jim- 1

Life With Bonnie- 1 



Q: Who should be the new man on Skye's arm for 2004?

Luke- 30

Jax- 21

A new character played by Nolan North- 4

Lorenzo- 2

Coleman- 2

Justus- 1

Lucky- 1

Sonny- 1



Q: Luke and Skye should be...

Lovers- 5

Friends - 3

Father and Daughter- 2 



Q: I want Faith and Skye in a storyline together. What should it entail?

They bond over their similarities and become best friends- 5

They go into business together and are friendly rivals - 3

I don't want Faith anywhere near Skye, thank you!- 3

Faith's father turns out to be Skye's father- they're half sisters! - 1

They are in a triangle vying for Lorenzo's affections- 1



Q: For which film role do you think Robin would have been a perfect match?

Velma Kelly from Chicago (Catherine Zeta Jones)- 4

Rose from Titanic (Kate Winslet) - 3

Josephine from Chocolat (Lena Olin)- 2

Connie from Unfaithful- 2

Susie from The Fabulous Baker Boys (Michelle Pfeiffer) - 2

Satine from Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman) - 1 

Cathy from Far From Heaven (Julianne Moore) - 1 



Q: I like Skye and Ned, but things would be more interesting if another man were to enter the fray. Who should be the guy to spice things up?

Stefan Cassadine- 7

Lorenzo Alcazar - 6

Mac Scorpio- 2

Sonny Corinthos - 1

A new character - 1

Leave Skye and Ned as they are! - 1 


 ~JULY 2003 POLL~

Q: Who should have custody of baby Kristina?

Joint custody between Ned/Skye and Alexis- 9

Sole custody for Alexis - 5

Sole custody for Skye and Ned- 4

None of them deserve her! - 3

Joint custody between Sonny and Alexis - 2


~JUNE 2003 POLL~

Q: What are your thoughts on the current Ned/Skye storyline?

I am loving Skye and Ned more by the day and can't wait until they really get together!- 9

I was all set not to like Skye and Ned, but Wally and Robin's chemistry sold me on it, they're great! - 3

I don't like them as a couple- the "ex-cousins" thing is icky- 3

They're okay but I want Skye with someone else- 1

I FF their scenes, sorry- 1


~MAY 2003 POLL~

Q: Who will be revealed to be Skye's father?

Mikkos or Victor Cassadine- 5

Luke Spencer- 5

Luke Spencer's Father- 2

Stefan Cassadine- 2

Alan Quartermaine- Tracy & Rae are wrong- 1

Adam Chandler- Althea was telling the truth- 1

Mike Corbin- 1

Tony Jones- 1

Edward Quartermaine- 1

Some nameless character. We'll never find out. - 1 



Q: Once Skye cleans up her act, who should be the new man on her arm?

Stefan- 11

Jax- 11

A new character- 6

Taggert- 1

Nikolas- 1

Luke- 1

Coleman- 1



Q: Skye is straggling a bit on her own these days. Who should she go into business with?

Luke- 9

AJ- 6

Jax- 6

Ric- 3

Alexis- 3

Carly- 1

Coleman- 1



Q: What should Skye concentrate on doing in the New Year?

Get over Jax- 29

Win Jax back- 27

Stop drinking- 25

Win Coleman's heart- 7

Focus her time on helping AJ get back on track- 4

Focus on becoming a viable force in the corporate world- 2

Go and visit her mother Rae more often- 2

Build a strong friendship with Nikolas- 2

Win Ric's heart- 1

Get to know her family better (eg. Alan, Ned, Lila)- 1



Q: Who do you think killed Alcazar?

Alexis- 13

Ned- 11

Brenda- 11

AJ- 6

Skye- 6

Jax- 4

Ric- 4

Coleman- 3

Felicia- 1



Q: Besides Skye, who is your favourite character?

Carly- 15

Alexis- 14

Jax- 12

Other- 9

AJ- 7

Brenda- 6

Courtney- 2

Luke- 2


Q: What should be Skye's next story?

Jax tells Brenda it's over, Skye and Jax journey through married life. 12

Skye and Brenda go through an all-out competition for Jax's affections (think CATFIGHTS ;) 4

Fed up with Jax, Skye gets a new man (Taggert, Stefan, Jerry...whomever you prefer) 3

Skye and AJ team up to take down Edward/ELQ 2

Skye and Alexis become galpals and go on many hilarious adventures 3

Skye becomes pregnant and has to struggle with her health crisis. 29

Skye gets kidnapped by Alcazar's men and fights for her freedom 5

Skye is stricken with a disease- lots of emotional drama 1

Skye takes over Deception and kicks butt!!! 3


Q: If GH did a role reversal, who would you like to see Robin play for a week?

Alexis- 17

Carly- 17

Helena- 4

Bobbie- 2

Courtney- 2

Gia- 1

Elizabeth- 1



Q: If GH made a movie, which silver screen actress should play Skye?

Julia Roberts- 15

Nicole Kidman- 12

Kate Winslet- 6

Catherine Zeta-Jones- 4

Ashley Judd- 3

Renee Zelweger- 1

Michelle Pfeiffer- 1

Sandra Bullock- 1

Kate Hudson- 1

Kelly Preston- 1


~JULY 2002 POLL~

Q: Which non-soap appearance of Robin's did you like the best?

I've only seen her on the soaps!- 21

'Kelly Carnahan' on "Empire City"- 3

'Neela' on "Star Trek DS9"- 3

'Character Name Unknown ' on "Vinnie and Bobby"- 1


~JUNE 2002 POLL~

Q: Which signature Skye outfit has been your favourite?

The Sage-Green-New-Years-Dancing-With-Jax Dress!(GH)- 11

The Teal-Snuggling-With-Jax-on-St.-Sophia Dress! (GH)- 9

The Dark-Cranberry-Nurses-Ball-2001 Dress!(GH)- 4

The Grey-Grabbing-Jax's-Butt-in-the-Elevator Dress!(GH)- 3

The Red-Fight-With-Edward-at-the-Grill Dress!(GH)- 3

The Blue-Gift-from-Jax-Dress!(GH)- 3

The Copper-Oh-My-God-I'm-Dumping-You-Max Dress! (OLTL)- 3

The Black-Kissing-Kevin-at-Crossroads Dress! (OLTL)- 2

The Silver-Ben-I'm-Your-Wife Dress! (OLTL)- 2


~MAY 2002 POLL~

Q: Which big screen star do you think would have the most chemistry with Robin in a romantic comedy film?

John Cusack- 12

Tom Cruise- 10

George Clooney- 7

Matthew McConnaughey- 7

Hugh Jackman- 6

Hugh Grant- 4

Matt Damon- 4

Ben Affleck- 2

Ewan McGregor- 1



Q: Which rivalry of Skye's have you enjoyed most?

Blair, OLTL- 19

Sonny, GH- 15

Carly, GH- 11

Monica, GH- 11

Todd, OLTL- 6

Rae, OLTL- 3

Kelly, OLTL- 2

Viki, OLTL- 1



Q: What should be Skye's "official theme song"?

You Don't Own Me- Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn & Bette Midler- 12

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor- 10

Survivor- Destiny's Child- 9

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak- 8

Designing Woman- The Misfits- 3

Reflection-Christina Aguilera- 3

Independent Woman- Destiny's Child- 2

Look at Me- Geri Halliwell- 2

Bitch- Meredith Brooks- 2

Viva la Diva- Dana International- 1



Q: What is your favourite episode of GH with Skye (As of Jan. 31 2002)?

Jax spends the night in Skye's room to protect her, and they talk about love- 20

AJ comforts a crying Skye when she gets kicked out of the house, tells her he loves her, is her family, and asks her to move in with him - 11

Skye and Jax bond in Louisiana- 10

Skye tae-kwon-do's Jax's butt, thinking he is an attacker- 6

Skye kicks butt at the ELQ meeting and winds up being CEO- 6

Skye and Rae finally make up and share advice on Boxing Day- 3

Skye gives Jax mouth-to-mouth in the elevator- 2

Alan rips Skye to shreds upon hearing the gave Emily the money to run away, but she blasts him right back- 2

Skye and Alan speak at the AA meeting, and have a heart-to-heart- 1

Skye first arrives at the Q mansion and announces she's Alan's daughter -1



Q: Which OLTL/Skye episode was your favourite?

Rae and Adam try to comfort Skye in her hotel room 18

Skye kisses Kevin at Crossroads to get his keys- ooh la la :) 11

A combo of the Skye/Blair Wars: Pillow Fight, Swirlie, HairCut etc LOL 9

Skye and Rae argue (a lot) then bond (a little) in Rae's bedroom 7

Skye pretends to be drunk to play with Max and Blair's minds 6

Kevin watches Skye at the AA meeting and then afterwards they have a friendly chat in which he tells her she is too good for Max 4

Skye clocks Max with a dinner tray lid then backs him in a corner with a lobster 4

Skye finds out Rae is her mother at the "Hell No" wedding 3

Skye gives Max the kiss off-literally! When she lays one on him them dumps him! 2

Skye announces at the Banner Party that she is Ben's wife 2



Q: Skye needs a job. Where would you like her to work?

Running ELQ 24

Running her own fashion business 9

Running Deception 7

Modelling at Deception 6

L&B 4

Carly's new club 3

GH 2

Keep her unemployed for now 1



Q: Which soap that Robin has been on is your favourite?

General Hospital 22

All My Children 7

One Life to Live 4

Another World 4



Q: What primetime show would you most like to see Robin Christopher guest-star on?

answers coming soon...once I find them! lol. But I do remember that The Practice won.


Q: Which co-star of Robin's do you think she has the best chemistry with?

Linda Dano 22

Billy Warlock 20

Tim Gibbs 5

Ingo Rademacher 3

Leslie Charelson 3

Stuart Damon 2

Roger Howarth 2

Kassie DePaiva 2

James DePaiva 2

David Canary 1




Q: Who do you see Skye become friends with?

Alexis- 37

Gia- 13

Keep her as AJ's ally- 12

Carly- 10

Angel- 6

Chloe- 4

Elizabeth- 2

Laura- 1

Felicia- 1

Helena- 1


~JULY 2001 POLL~

Q: Who do you want to see Skye paired with?

Stefan- 19

Jax- 15

Johnny- 3

Stavros- 3

Taggert- 2

Sonny- 2

Mac- 2

If you have an idea for a poll question, email me!!

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