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QUIZ #1: Which Female GH Character Are You?

1. Get a piece of paper and write down numbers 1 through 10.
2. As you go through the quiz, write down the corresponding letter for each of your answers.
3. After you finish the 10 questions, match your responses with the corresponding colours.
4. Find which colour appears most often.
5. Scroll down and see who your GH counterpart is!

1. The colour you are most likely to wear is:
a) Black
b) Lavender
c) Red
d) Blue
e) White
f) Lots of colours!

2. The way you deal with someone who is aggravating you is:
a) Punch them/slap them in the face
b) Say your best insults to their face and then ignore them
c) Kill them!
d) Devise an elaborate scheme to ruin their life
e) Ask your significant other to make them disappear
f) Have a rational talk with them

3. What is your personal motto?
a) "Forget the 3 R's. I live by the 3 M's: Money, Men, and Me."
b) "Working out a lot has its benefits!"
c) "Be yourself and be in love."
d) "I hate liars!"
e)"Stomp on anyone who gets in your way. It's even more effective if you do it in stilettos."
f) "Expensive stuff is awesome, but nothing beats a good ol' Twinkie."

4. The TV/movie character I would most like to play is:
a) Frida from Frida
b) Sydney Bristow from Alias
c) Carmela from The Sopranos
d) Jamie in A Walk to Remember
e) Ingrid in White Oleander
f) The main female character on Dynasty

5. Your perfect guy would:
a) Be a rich, powerful family man
b) Read to me and care for me when I'm sick
c) Look past my faults and accept me for who I am
d) Be as bad-ass as I am!
e) Be 100% honest with me at all times
f) Eat my baked goods and take me on adventures

6. My ideal outfit is:
a) Designer jeans and a pretty peasant top
b) Think leather. Lots of it.
c) A J.Lo work-out suit
d) The quintessential Gucci Little Black Dress
e) The perfect "I scream money" sundress
f) Well worn jeans and a cute t-shirt

7. The thing I desire most in the world is:
a) To have my "family" back and secure
b) True love
c) Ultimate power
d) A totally honest relationship
e) Long-lasting good health
f) To be reunited with someone I haven't seen in a long time

8. The character on GH that I hate the most is:
a) Brenda
b) Ric
c) Courtney
d) AJ
e) Lydia
f) I'd say a good 85% of them!

9. The character on GH that I'd have as my friend is:
a) Lucky
b) Emily
c) AJ
d) Courtney
e) Carly
f) I wouldn't want any of them as my friend

10. The 2 GH guys that light my fire are:
a) Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan
b) Ned Ashton and Jasper Jacks
c) Zander Smith and Nikolas Cassadine
d) Ric Lansing and Sonny Corinthos
e) Jason Morgan and AJ Quartermaine
f) Ric Lansing and Jason Morgan


1. a= Black b= Purple c= Red d= Blue
e= White f= Yellow

2. a= Yellow b=Blue c= Black d= Purple
e= Red f= White

3. a= Purple b= Yellow c= White d= Blue
e= Black f= Red

4. a= Blue b= Yellow c= Red d=White
e= Black f= Purple

5. a= Red b= White c= Purple d= Black
e= Blue f= Yellow

6. a= White b= Red c= Yellow d= Black
e= Purple f= Blue

7. a= Yellow b= Purple c= Black d= Blue
e= White f= Red

8. a= Purple b= Yellow c= Blue d= Red
e= White f= Black

9. a= White b= Blue c= Purple d= Red
e= Yellow f= Black

10. a= Red b= Purple c= White d= Black
e= Yellow f= Blue

Got it??? Great!!!! Now...

If you are mostly Purple...

Brush up on your scheming skills because you are SKYE!!!

If you are mostly Black...

Get out your lemonade mix and your ring with a detachable gem, because you are FAITH!!!

If you are mostly Red...

Get ready for "The Life" because you are CARLY!!!

If you are mostly Yellow...

Break out the punching bag and the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, because you are COURTNEY!!!

If you are mostly Blue...

I hope you can paint the wind, because you are ELIZABETH!!!

If you are mostly White...

I hope you can juggle, what with the two very fine men at your door, because you are EMILY!!!

QUIZ #2: Which GH Guy is the Guy For You?