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The actual transcripts used during some of Robin's most memorable work...

Skye Crashes Viki's Party and Announces She's Ben's Wife
One Life to Live
Sept. 1, 1999

Viki: I'm marrying him.
Skye: Even if he already has a wife? See, Ben's already married. To me. That's right. I'm Mrs. Ben Davidson. Your fiancÚ's wife. You might want to hold onto that ring, Benjamin. I don't think you'll be needing it just yet. Look on the bright side. I stopped you from becoming a bigamist.
Ben: She's lying Viki it's not true.
Skye: Then it must have been a different Dr. Ben Davidson, standing next to me in Las Vegas last Christmas, in the Aphrodite All Night Wedding Chapel, promising to love me, honour me and cherish me till death do us part? I must say if that was you Ben, you're looking mighty healthy for a dead man.
Viki: Is it true? Did you marry her?
Skye: Well that's a fair question, Ben. Why don't you give her an answer?
Ben: Viki, the truth is far more complicated than her version of the story. But yes, I did marry her.
Ben: I can explain all of this to you right now.
Viki: I know. I just need a minute okay?
Ben: Viki-
Viki: I'm okay, I'm okay. I just- I need a minute, I'm okay. I'm okay. I just- just give me a minute, okay? (Viki leaves)
Ben: You did this. And now we're gonna figure out how to undo it.
Ben: You got a screw loose or something?
Skye: You mean letting Viki know that you're married already? Don't you think somebody had to?
Ben: Yeah, and I think that somebody oughta be me.
Skye: When were you planning to tell her this Ben? At the altar? At the honeymoon, maybe?
Ben: That's none of your business! What kind of game are you playing, Skye?
Skye: I think it's called Truth or Dare. I pick truth.
Ben: Knock it off. We're not married and you know it.
Skye: I don't know Ben, it was only 10 short months ago. Has it slipped your mind already?
Ben: Oh I remember our marriage vividly. It was the longest 30 seconds of my life.
Skye: Well I think it was a little bit longer than that. But time does fly when you're having fun doesn't it?
Ben: The point is, it's over. Emotionally and legally. And when you were dropping that bomb on Viki you might have mentioned that fact that our marriage was annulled. But since you decided to leave it out, I'm gonna tell her!
Skye: Go ahead, Ben, lie to her twice. (Ben looks stunned and confused) I'm afraid so Benjamin. See in actual fact, our marriage never was annulled. Which means I'm still your wife.
Ben: What are you talking about? We filled out the papers together.
Skye: I never filed them. I had a change of heart, or to be more precise, you did. I didn't.
Ben: You're lying.
Skye: You're more than welcome to go to Las Vegas and check it out for yourself. Of course there may be some people there that you want to avoid, so you better take my word for it, yes. In the eyes of the sovereign state of Nevada, you and I are still very much man and wife.
Ben: You have no right jerking my life around like this.
Skye: It hurts doesn't it?
(After Kevin punches Ben and Kevin and Grace go on and on (and on)...)
Grace: You're not really married to this woman, are you Ben?
Ben: Well Skye, can you tell the truth? Are we married or not?
Skye: Yes Ben. We are.
(more Kevin and Grace fighting and Ben sneering yadayadayada, Ben leaves, Skye leaves and Rae goes up to Skye at a table)
Rae: You know it occurred to me. Ben's not the only one who has some explaining to do.
Skye: Oh please, get out of my way.
Rae: Like you went out of your way to humiliate Viki Carpenter tonight?
Skye: I humiliated her? How about my being humiliated? Or doesn't the great love expert not find it humiliating to find out your husband's in love with somebody else?
Rae: Viki had nothing to do with it.
Skye: She had everything to do with it! I found Ben first. I loved him first and I married him first, and any chance that I had of getting him back was completely ruined by her, and I'm the bad guy here?
Rae: Let me try and understand this completely. You lied to get into the life of a woman who has shown you only kindness, you sabotage what might be the last chance she has for a little happiness, you break her heart in front of her family and her closest friends, and what is it, Skye, what? Payback time? Why don't you just tell me, does that make you feel happier now? Does it?
Rae: You know, tell me something Skye. shattering Viki's world tonight, did it give you a happy, warm glow? Did it give you the satisfaction you were after? What kind of satisfaction do you feel right this moment?
Skye: It would have been a disaster if Viki had married Ben. I did it for her own good.
Rae: Oh, of course, for her own good! Well that's fortunate indeed, isn't it? I just wonder what shape she would be in if you had really meant to hurt her. Just a thought. (Rae leaves. Skye looks at a champagne glass, picks it up, then puts it back down.)

Skye Finds a Drunken Kevin at Crossroads
One Life to Live
November 18-19, 1999

Skye: Want some company?
Kevin: No.
Skye: Don't be rude.
Kevin: Look, I came here because I didn't want to see anybody that I knew.
Skye: I guess this isn't your lucky day.
Kevin: They never are. Hey, can you--you just put the bottle up here. Leave it for me. I'll pour it myself.
Bartender: I don't think I should do that.
Kevin: Really? All right, hold on a minute. How about that? How about that, huh? Does that clear things up for you? Thattaboy. Thank you.
Skye: What, are you in some kind of race?
Kevin: You know something? You're funny. I move away from me and you take that to mean that you should follow me and dispense advice.
Skye: You're right.
Kevin: You hear that? Shhh....listen. That's the Pine Valley Motor Mouth, silent. That's good.
Skye: You know, I was just going to say that you're not going to find the cure for your pain in that bottle.
Kevin: What are you, my mother?
Skye: No, I'm definitely not your mother.
Kevin: Oh, you know, that comment I made about my mother, that was--that was uncalled for.
Skye: What is this, some kind of an apology?
Kevin: I was just saying that I know what it's like to love somebody and lose them.
Skye: Apology accepted.
Kevin: Good. I'll buy you a drink.
Skye: No, I don't drink anymore. I'm in a program.
Kevin: Oh. That means you're--
Skye: An alcoholic, yes.
Kevin: What the hell are you doing in here then?
Skye: Looking for a little magic, Kevin.
Kevin: OK, in this place? Good luck.
Skye: This is where Ben met your mother.
Kevin: Oh, please.
Skye: Oh, wow. I guess that sounded pretty pathetic.
Kevin: That's all right. I put away my robe and my gavel for the evening. Don't worry about it.
Skye: Do you think that maybe you've had enough of that?
Kevin: Uh-uh. Not yet.
Skye: That stuff only makes it worse, you know?
Kevin: Well, I guess I'll just have to figure that out for myself.
Skye: You will.
Kevin: But I appreciate you, you know--your concern for me. That's--
Skye: I have nothing against you Kevin.
Kevin: I have nothing against you either. I don't have a damn thing against you unless you meddle in Ben and my mom's life. Hey, say, did you ever think that maybe you turned in one obsession for another?
Skye: Maybe that means it's time for you to go home.
Kevin: I think you're right. I'm going to go home. I'm going home.
Skye: All right. OK, you're not driving. Give me your keys.
Kevin: I'm driving. I'm going to drive.
Skye: Yeah, in your dreams. Now, the keys.
Kevin: I don't even know you. You could be a horrible driver.
Skye: I know you and you're drunk. Now, the keys.
Kevin: My keys. you want my keys? (shakes them around)
Skye: Don't--don't play with me, Kevin.
Kevin: Come on, you want my keys? Why? Why can't I play with you?
Skye: Because you'll lose.
Kevin: Ooh. Is that a threat? You want my keys?
Skye: No, a promise.
Kevin: A promise of what? Of what?
(Skye kisses Kevin!!!)
(Skye and Kevin are still kissing and she grabs for the keys as they fall over)
Kevin: Ha, ha. What are you doing?
Skye: What's it feel like?
Kevin: It feels...ugh!
Skye: You're not so bad yourself.
Kevin: Yeah, well I'm not that drunk.
Skye: Yeah, well, another kiss and I'd be off the wagon.
Kevin: Oh really? Well, you don't have to worry about that because there's not going to be another kiss.
Skye: You sure?
Kevin: I'm sure. I've got standards. (to bartender) Come on!
Bartender: Buddy, buddy, relax. How about a coffee?
Kevin: Oh, listen. Listen. It's a bar. And in a bar, you serve alcohol. If you want to serve coffee, buy a coffeehouse. (to Skye) And you know what? You can just get out of here and leave my family alone.
Skye: I didn't know you'd be such a bad drunk, Kevin. But I should've known. There's no such thing as a good one. Fine. You enjoy your self-pity.
Kevin: Thank you. Thank you.
(Kelly walks in and Skye goes to sit down at a nearby table)
Kelly: So this is the big story you were working on, huh?
Kevin: This is not a pose.
Kelly: What's going on, Kevin?
Kevin: Nothing that is any of your business, Kelly. Why don't you go save Joey?
Kelly: He doesn't need saving.
Kevin: Oh yeah? Well neither do I. So why don't you just get lost. Leave me alone.
Kelly: You know, Kevin, when I left you today, I knew you weren't working on any news story. I saw that empty bottle of scotch on your table. So why don't you tell me what's going on.
Kevin: What's going on is I'm trying to feel good. And talking to you doesn't feel very good. Why don't you go.
Kelly: You're drunk.
Kevin: Really? Oh, you're incredible. You should be a--a journalist.
Kelly: Kevin, stop. Please, just stop.
Kevin: Oh--
(Skye walks up to them)
Skye: Leave him alone.
Kelly: What are you doing here? Did you do this to him?
Kevin: Hey, listen, I can mess things up all by myself. I don't--
Skye: When I got here, he was already sitting there. I tried to get him to go home but got about as far as you're getting right now.
Kevin: Well I can see the two of you have things that you want to discuss, so I'm going to go over here and have a drink alone.
Kelly: Let me take you home. All right?
Kevin: That would defeat the purpose, Kelly.
Kelly: I want to take you home.
Kevin: I don't want you to take me home, all right? I want to be left alone.
Kelly: Listen, Grace doesn't want this for you. Will you believe me?
Kevin: Well, Grace--Grace really doesn't want anything right now because Grace is dead, isn't she?
Kelly: Kevin, just listen to me. OK? I just--I want you to listen--
Kevin: No! I don't want to listen to you! I don't want your help! I don't want your concern! I don't want you to save me!
Kelly: Shh-shh--
Kevin: No!
Kelly: Shut up. Shut up. Stop it, stop. I want you to listen to me very clearly. I lost somebody too, OK? I lost my best friend. I loved her very much, and I was very happy to see her again in my life. But she's gone, OK? She's gone for good. For me as much as you.
Kevin: Kelly--
Kelly: We have to go on, OK?
Kevin: I don't have to go on. I don't have to go on. You want to go on? Then go ahead. If that's your way to forget fine. That's not my way. That's not mine.
Kelly: Please, just let me help you. Please.
Kevin: I don't want your help, Kelly.
Kelly: Just, Kevin, tell me what you want me to do.
Kevin: I want you to leave me alone. (Kelly leaves)
Kevin: Well that's one pest down, one to go, baby.
Skye: It's your life, Kevin. You can mess it up any way you want.
Kevin: Thank you. Does that mean I don't have to listen to the lectures about the 11 or the 12 steps?
Skye: That's right.
Kevin: Huh, brilliant. I'll drink to that. If I can get a drink.
Skye: You're so pathetic.
Kevin: I'm pathetic? I'm really--You know what's pathetic is coming into a bar where you find your boyfriend or whoever he was because you're crazy about him but he really--this is the bar where he finds a woman he's really in love with.
Skye: Go to hell, Kevin.
Kevin: I'm trying to go to hell. I'm trying. Can I have a scotch please? Thank you.
Bartender: Get it someplace else.
Kevin: Does that mean you're not going to serve me?
Bartender: Nothing stronger than coffee.
Kevin: Oh all right. Go to hell. (Kevin leaves)
Bartender (to Skye): Your friend there is in no condition to drive.
Skye: Yeah, well don't worry. He won't be.
(Kevin bursts back in) Kevin: Skye! You took my keys.
Skye: That's right. What did you think, I wanted to kiss you because I like the smell of liquor on your breath?
Kevin: Well, I want my keys. Why are you doing this to me?
Skye: Well, what are you going to do about it, huh? You going to throw up on my shoes?
Kevin: I want my keys.
Skye: You want your keys? Oh, OK. (Skye drops the keys down her shirt) Well come and get them.
Kevin: I want my keys.
Skye: You know where you can find them.
Kevin: Why are you doing this to me? I can drive.
Skye: I don't think so.
Kevin: I can, I can. Listen, I know when I can drive. Right now, I can definitely drive.
Skye: Yeah, you think. I thought so too. Look, Kevin, I don't care if you want to kill yourself with booze or anything else, all right. But I'm not about to let you take some innocent person with you.
Kevin: OK, then, you can take me home. (Kevin falls on her shoulder)
Skye: My pleasure. come on.
****(at Kevin's house)
Skye: Here we go. (Skye helps Kevin sit down on the couch but he accidentally sits on some CDs)
Kevin: OK. Ah. Whoa!
Skye: What?
Kevin: Music. Those are Grace's. If anybody ever told me that I was going to fall for someone who liked new age music, I would have said, "You know what?"
Skye: Yeah. Can't always choose who we fall over.
Kevin: Or what happens to them. Oh God. Will you put my keys on my desk? Please?
Skye: On my way out.
Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, and I promise I'm going to call you in the morning and say thank you profusely over and over again.
Skye: Yeah, like you'll remember. Kevin, why don't you go to bed, huh? What's it, upstairs there?
Kevin: Yeah, as soon as the room stops spinning.
Skye: Well..I guess I should help you.
Kevin: Hmm..
Skye: All right. (Skye helps sit up)
Kevin: Hmm..Hey, Hey, listen. I hope you're not planning to take advantage of me because I don't know if I'd be able to stop you.
Skye: Don't worry. All I want to do is get you into bed.
Kevin: Hahaha, Hey! Hi mom!
Viki: What do you think you're doing?
Skye: Kevin's drunk.
Viki: Yeah, I can see that. So, is that what you do to get your men?
Skye: No, usually I get them in out-of-the-way, lonely bars, but then again, Viki, you know all about that.
Viki: I want to know what the hell you are doing here with my son!

Skye Goes Back to Pine Valley for Stuart's Memorial Service
All My Children
May 11 , 2000

Arlene: Look who's here. Your half sister, Skye Chandler.
Winnifred: Mr Chandler, I'm sorry to interrupt but your daughter just had to-
Skye: Daddy why didn't you call me?
Adam: Skye-
Skye: Do you know how I found out Stuart died? I had to read about it in the paper, Daddy. How could you do that to me? How could you be so cruel?
Skye: Daddy, you know what Uncle Stuart meant to me, how close we were.
Adam: Well, it' travel so much I didn't know where to reach you.
Skye: You didn't-
Dixie: Why don't you run out on the grass on play, okay?
JR: I want to say hello to Skye.
Tad: That's all right, you can say hello to your sister later.
Dixie: Okay, why don't you guys g?. Go on, okay? Go on. (JR and Jamie leave)
Adam: I should have called.
Skye: I'm an afterthought. You do what suits you and to hell with everybody else.
Adam: You're right again. I'm a selfish bastard
Skye: By the way I'm not married any more, as if you cared.
Hayley: Skye! This isn't the time or the place.
Skye: Hayley, after all these years you're still defending him. Why am I not surprised. You always were his little pet.
Arlene: Skye, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Hayley's mother, Arlene Vaughan.
Skye: So what happened to Stuart? I heard he died in a fire.
Hayley: Apparently it was a horrible accident.
Skye: Well how did it happen? Why was he in the cabin alone?
Adam: Um...well I'd explain, but I'd hate to deprive Tad Martin of the pleasure. He knows every sordid detail.
Skye: Tad, what is he talking about?
Adam: Tad, go on. Tell her. Tell her how I killed Stuart.
Skye: Daddy, what are you talking about, you killed Stuart?
Adam: Well, you've been gone for quite a while, Skye. Where to begin? Um, Tad, Tad, I'm sure you agree that it must have all started when I bought the fertility clinic, and impregnated Liza, with my sperm, without her knowledge. I understand that it's since been called an act of rape.
Liza: Adam, please...
Adam: When she found out about it she filed for divorce. And so I conspired to sneak Colby out of the country. But Marian overheard me! And she locked me in a room that I had built to protect my family. Hahaha, that is ironic, isn't it? Perhaps, poetic justice maybe. I have them confused. No matter. To retaliate, I had it arranged for Marian to be caught in bed with another man. And for Stuart to find out about it.
Skye: Daddy! Why would you want to hurt Stuart like that?
Adam: No, no, no, no, Stuart wasn't my target. It was Marian I was after. I wanted her to suffer how I had suffered. I wanted her to understand what it felt like to lose the thing you love most in your life. But uh, Stuart, being Stuart, who saw the best in everyone, refused to believe that she could betray him. Just as he refused to believe that I could do anything so evil. But I made a believer of him. Finally, finally. He walked out of my life forever. His last words, I believe were, 'You are not my brother.'
Scott: Skye, my dad was gone for days. There was, there was evidence that he was at the cabin. I waited for him to come back, but I didn't wait long enough.
Liza: By the time we got there, everything was gone. The fire had consumed everything.
Adam: Skye, you always said that I didn't know how to love. Seems you're right.
Skye: Daddy, it was an accident.
Adam: Darling, no, no, it was no accident. Stuart died because I crushed his soul. Me. I killed my brother.
Tad: Stop it! Stop it, this is all wrong. What the hell are you doing? If we're here to honour Stuart, this isn't the way he would want us to do it. He'd...this is just all wrong. Stuart would want there to be laughter, right, and music. People having a good time. He would want....he would want people to dance. I mean why not? (turns on music) Come on honey, let's dance.
Dixie: Tad-
Tad: No, dance with me, please. Stuart would want this, please (accidentally knocks over one of Stuart's sculptures)
Tad: Marian, I'm so sorry.
Marian: Oh, it's all right, Tad, it's okay. I was thinking the same thing that you were, I mean. Stuart wouldn't have wanted us to mourn his life, he would want us to celebrate it. Oh gosh you know, every time I cried, Stuart used to kiss the tears away and say 'Marian, everything is going to be okay'. You know what, it always was, because Stuart made it okay.
Liza: Oh mother, take this. (gives her a tissue) Stuart was such a gift.
Marian: You know, all his paintings and sculptures, all Stuart's things back at the house. They were souvenirs. But they won't bring him back to me. Nothing's going to bring him back to me, and I'm just going to have to learn to live with that. We're all going to have to learn to live with that.
JR: Mom, Tad, look what we found in the driveway. (shows them an injured bird)
Jamie: Is it dead?
Tad: Not yet. Dad, do you want to take a look at this?
Joe: Looks like it flew into a window.
JR: He's not moving.
Dixie: Well maybe we should take it to a vet.
Jamie: Will they put it to sleep?
Tad: I don't know son, it looks pretty banged up. It might not fly again.
Marian: Oh, well you can't be sure about that, Tad. Winnifred, can you please bring me a shoebox and something to wrap this poor creature in? There's a scarf in the hall closet.
Opal: Oh, the poor little birdie!
Jamie: Can you save him?
Marian: I don't know, darling. You know, once Stuart nursed a chipmunk back to health. He also raised seven little baby quail when the mother got hit by a car, and they thought Stuart was their mother! Stuart was so in tune with nature and with animals. There wasn't a creature in God's earth that Stuart didn't care about.
(Adam sneaks away from the crowd)
Liza: Adam, wait!
Hayley: No, Liza let him go.
Liza: I can't.
Hayley: If he wants to be alone you should let him go.
Liza: I'll give him all the space he needs, at a distance. (follows)
Hayley: Sorry nobody called you. The last few months have been kind of rough around here.
Skye: Yeah, right. I hear Daddy had my old room at Oak Haven.
Hayley: He hasn't been himself lately.
Skye: On the contrary, I think he's in perfect form. He forgot I existed.
Hayley: So how's everything in Llanview? Everything going well for you there?
Skye: Is this you pretending to care?
Hayley: You know Skye, we all have issues with Dad. Maybe you should stop being so selfish, show a little bit of compassion.
Skye: Oh, Myrtle, I still can't believe Uncle Stuart's gone.
Myrtle: I can hardly believe it myself.
Skye: He always treated me like a lady, you know? No matter how much I screwed up, I always knew I could go to Uncle Stuart, and he'd love me no matter what.
Myrtle: Skye, your father loves you very much. And you know, Stuart's death has been a terrible blow to him. I think he needs all the love and support you can give him.
Skye: He doesn't need me. Daddy doesn't need anybody.
Myrtle: Oh darling, you don't know how wrong you are.

Skye Is Freed From the Wine Cellar and Pretends to Be Drunk
One Life to Live
June 20, 2000

Max- What happened in here?
Blair- I can't believe this. Max, Max, come on. Somebody must have broken in here and we better leave...
Max- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,... oh no.
Blair- Come on, Max!
Skye- Oh! Hello Maxie! Wanna party?
Blair- Oh Skye, how low can you go?
Skye- Ohhh...good question! How llloooowwww can you go? (laughs)
Max- You drunk all this? Nigel, get down here! This is unbelievable. How did this happen?
Blair- Well she probably came back from Pine Valley and realized that we'd gone away together... Poor, pathetic thing. It would be sad if, uh, if it weren't so disgusting.
Max- Is that true, is that what happened?
Blair- Oh come on, Max, you can't believe a word out of her mouth. I mean, she can't even speak the truth even when she's sober!
Max- That is enough! All right now, talk.
Skye- Somebody--whoop!..threw me a party. Very very wild party. So thoughtful of you, Blair.
Nigel- You called sir? Auuughhhhhh, my. Is nothing sacred?
Max- Nigel, Skye got trapped down here. Any idea how that could have happened?
Nigel- I don't know what to say. I haven't been down here in a few days. Such desecration. I have nooo idea...
Max- That'll be all Nigel.
Nigel- But what about the wreckage?
Max- I'll take care of it. Thank you....
(reads) "You should feel like a kid in a candy store, bottoms up"?
Skye- Whoo-hoo...yeah, yeah, tottoms, tottoms up! Anything left to toast with?
Max- No, no don't drink anyth..don't! Put it back! Don't drink anything. Stay put. I'll take you upstairs in a minute. Are you out of your mind?
Blair- What's your problem?
Max- You locked an alcoholic in a wine cellar!
Blair- I-I didn't write that note! Look, Max, she probably forged it when she was sober enough to write it.
Max- I'm not buying, Blair. This reeks of your special little touch. I'm waiting.
Skye- Oh for heaven's sake, I just gave her what she wanted. She can have her heart's desire. She's happily...sloshed! Who cares?
Max- I do, Blair. I care.
Asa-Are you telling finest vintage wines...are gone?!
Nigel- I'm afraid so, sir.
Asa- How the hell did it happen?
Max- Nigel, we need some very strong coffee. About a bucketful.
(Skye laughs)
Asa- You?! Hey, hey, you did this? You're gonna damn pay, lady. And you better believe it.
Max- Asa, she did it, but she's not responsible.
Asa- Oh stop with the riddles Max. She stinks of vintage red wine.
Skye- Oh...sure do! (Laughs) Well, that's disgusting, now isn't it? problem (laughs).
Asa- Wait a minute..what is it with you women? All of a sudden you start taking your clothes soon as I get near you?
Nigel- Perhaps we shouldn't complain, sir.
Blair- Max, I am not responsible for any of this, I swear it.
Max- I wouldn't, if I were you, unless you'd like me to read this aloud?
Skye- Aww..come on now. Let's not single out poor Blair, hmm? I think...we should all make our confessions! Wouldn't that be fun? I'll volunteer to start. Asa, I confess, that yes, I did drink your very fine collection of wine. And I can say, without a doubt, that the winner is the 1964 La Fiche Chateau-Rothchild...subtle yet strong...with a shy trace of citrus...
Asa- Shut up!
Skye- No problem....You are next missy. And I I know that you have something to confess.
Blair- You know, Skye, I think I would just stop right now. You're really making a complete fool of yourself.
Skye- Oh, come on! I'm having so much fun, and it isn't even over yet! I..oh..oh my..what is this? Ahh...why it's a confession! It's a confession, and it's signed with your name on it! Oh, my God! Whoa...tsk tsk, this is quite a list of sins we've got here. Mmmm...I expect, that, uh, Asa, should get a good look at this. Don't you think?
Asa- I am in no mood... for playing games. I am going to bed.
Skye- Oh come on, Asa. You're not gonna want to miss this one!
Blair- How dare you!
Max- Nigel's shopping list.
Blair- Oh... geez....
Skye- Started a dangerous game, got that sister? And it's not gonna be over until I win, you hear me?
Blair- You're not even drunk!
Skye- You're slow, but you get it eventually, don't you?
Max- What?
Skye- Never swallowed a drop Max. I'm stronger than you think I am. Hell, I'm stronger than I even know I am. So thanks for the test, Blair. But you watch it. One wrong move...and I will make sure that Asa does get that very special little piece of paper. And trust me, a cellar full of booze is a whole lot more fun that a cell at Statesville.

Skye Gives Kevin Her "Resume", and They Have a Heart-to-Heart
July 11, 2000

(knock at the door)
Kevin: I just said I don't want to be interrupted!
(Skye walks in)
Kevin: Oh, this better be good, and no matter how good it is it's gonna have to wait.
Skye: I don't like waiting. I like your office.
Kevin: Swell. Seriously, really, I am so busy.
Skye: Can't you just take one tiny little second to look at my resume? (hands it to him)
Kevin: Your resume. You want a job?
Skye: Thought it might be nice.
Kevin: You realize we filled your position here a long time ago-
Skye: Just look at the resume.
Kevin: All right. Whatever it takes to get rid of you. (he begins to get a funny look on his face)
Skye: As you can see, I'm emminantly qualified for the position.
Kevin: Apparently.
Skye: So what do you say, shall we have an affair?
Kevin: This is insane. You want to have an affair?
Skye: Mmm hmm. Sex, fun...
Kevin: I'm familiar with the concept.
Skye: Oh and I can assure you I won't disappoint you in bed.
Kevin: Well, as I've read.
Skye: I'm very well equipped for the position, any position, actually. So what do you say, are you up for it?
Kevin: Skye, it's the best offer I've had all day.
Skye: My guess is it's the best offer you've had all week.
Kevin: What about Max?
Skye: You want to bring Max in on this too? That's pretty kinky, Kevin.
Kevin: Very funny, very funny.
Skye: No, I'm through with Max. He began to bore me.
Kevin: Okay, so let me get this straight. You want Max to see what he's missing, right, so he's gonna come crawling back to you, right?
Skye: You think this is about paying Max back?
Kevin: Isn't it?
Skye: Didn't I say that I left Max, not the other way around?
Kevin: Okay, okay, all right. So it's not about payback, what's it about?
Skye: I'm done worrying about what Max wants. This is about what I want. I want to move ahead, I want to take control, I want to start having some fun with no strings attached.
Kevin: And you don't want any emotional commitment whatsoever?
Skye: No, love always gets in the way, love always lets you down. I should know, I've tried enough times. No, this is my new strategy.
Kevin: No love.
Skye: Exactly.
Kevin: Why me?
Skye: You're perfect.
Kevin: Perfect for what?
Skye: Perfect for what I'm looking for. Single, male. You've sworn off the drink. And if I can ever get you out of that suit it's pretty obvious you've got a great body. And best of all, you're in love with somebody else too.
Kevin: I'm not in love with Kelly.
Skye: What's the name of that river in Egypt?
Kevin: This is not denial, okay. I'm not in love with Kelly. She's in love with my brother, married to him. I'm happy for the both of them.
Skye: Oh, that's right. You're always so happy whenever I see you with Kelly. Like when I walked in on that little wedding celebration for Kelly and Joey. You were so happy, Kevin.
Kevin: Is this the way you expect to pursue a no-strings affair with me?
Skye: Oh, it's perfect. We're both trying to get over other people.
Kevin: Uh-huh, and loveless, meaningless sex is a way to do it.
Skye: Oh, I don't think sex is ever meaningless Kevin. It beats sitting home crying over something we don't have.
Kevin: I'm not sitting home crying about anything. And I'm not going to have an affair with you.
Skye: Because of Kelly.
Kevin: No, no. No! Because it's not right. It wouldn't be the right thing to do.
Skye: Who cares about what's right?! I never get what's right. Is it right that I love Max more than Blair ever could, and he still picked her over me? Is it right that she's the one staying warm in his arms, and I'm the one who's left out in the cold?
Skye: It hurt, losing Ben to Viki. But at least I knew she was worthy of him, I knew she would make him happy.
Kevin: Yup, we like her.
Skye: But Blair? Blair only cares about what she can get, what she wants. She doesn't care about Max. And yet he still picked her over me.
Kevin: You know Skye, if Max let you go then he deserves Blair.
Skye: And what do I deserve, huh Kevin? You know, I told Max that I wasn't going to accept anything less than real love. And what do I get? Oh, nothing, I'll tell you that!
Kevin: Well now wait a minute, an affair's not real love, with me or with anybody else. And you deserve better, you do!
Skye: It's something.
Kevin:(looks her in the eyes affectionately) Is just any something better than nothing?
(Skye realizes he's right, and begins to cry) Oh Kevin. I feel so stupid.
Kevin: You're not stupid. You're not stupid. You're human, you're a human being.
(Kevin pulls Skye in a warm embrace, and Kelly walks in and is shocked. HAHAHAHAHA EAT THAT FLEA!!! lol sorry)
Kelly: Get your disgusting hands off him.
(Kevin and Skye are just like WTF?!?!)

Skye Confronts Rae and Adam After Finding Out She's Rae's Daughter
One Life to Live
February 22, 2001

Rae: Hello Adam.
Adam: What were you thinking blind-siding my daughter like this?
Rae: I did not tell her that she was my daughter. That was the work of a sociopath named Todd Manning.
Adam: How did he know?
Rae: Because he stole the information from my office.
Adam: Well perhaps you could have been a little less cavalier with that misinformation.
Rae: Misinformation?
Adam: Can't you see what it's done to my daughter?
Rae: No, I see perfectly well what it's done to her.
Skye: Then I am a Chandler?
Adam: Sweetheart, yes of course you are a Chandler. You're an adopted Chandler.
Skye: No Daddy, no, don't say that! Please take it back, I promise I'll do everything you want! (Skye starts to cry)
Adam: Sweetheart, I love you! I always have. I always will.
Adam: Sweetheart, you're a Chandler in every way that matters.
Skye: That's not how it feels to me.
Adam: I'm sorry I couldn't spare you this night. And I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were in jail. But I'm here now and I'm telling you that no one is going to hurt you. Not this Manning character, not Rae Cummings-
Rae: Oh my God, I would never hurt Skye.
Adam: Why are you here anyway?
Rae: I- I just wanted to see if she was all right.
Adam: She's fine, she's with her father. You can go now.
Rae: No, no, no, years ago, my baby girl was taken from me. I want to know, how did she end up with you?
Adam: That's a family situation, I'm not going to discuss it with you.
Rae: I gave birth to her, Adam! I want to know this! Are you the one who stole her from me? Are you?
Skye: I'd like to know that myself. You say you loved me, and that I'm a Chandler in every way that counts and that you care about me. Well if you do, then you have to explain to me how I got into this mess. If you love me then you tell me the truth!
Adam: Skye, I'm going to tell you the whole story, because God knows you deserve it. I didn't know you were stolen. I didn't even know you were adopted.
Skye: Oh please.
Adam: No, your mother-
Skye: You mean Althea.
Adam: Yes. Your mother Althea and I, we didn't get along very well. I began taking rather extended business trips to Europe, lasting several months. I came back from one that had lasted nearly seven months. I found Althea with a baby girl in her arms. It was you. And why would I have any reason to think you were anything but my biological child?
Skye: Well, maybe I am.
Adam: Um, a few years back, a disbarred lawyer with a shiny suit came into my office and said that he had proof that he had sold Althea a baby girl and he wanted to extort money from me for his silence.
Skye: So you paid him off?
Adam: No, no, no, I told him selling babies was a felony and threw the bum out.
Rae: I don't suppose you asked him who he stole the baby from. You didn't think that maybe there was someone searching for that little girl?
Adam: (to Skye) My first thought was to tell you right away. And then I talked about it with my brother, Stuart, and we didn't see what good would come of telling you the truth after all these years had passed. And in any case, either way you were still my child.
Rae: Not yours alone, Adam.
Adam: I didn't want to risk you losing your association with Althea completely, and I didn't want you to think that in any way you were losing me.
Skye: So you did nothing.
Adam: But you had gone through some terrible times. You'd quit drinking and I was very proud of you for that. But I was afraid, Stuart and I were afraid, of what this would do to you. Sweetheart, I did what I thought was best for you.
Skye: You liar. You did what was best for you.
Skye: You don't care about me. You didn't tell me I was adopted to spare me? You didn't tell me because it was easier for you, because that would have meant you would have had to speak to me.
Adam: I'm here aren't I? I'm speaking to you now.
Skye: Where were you when I got arrested and I spent Christmas and New Years' in jail?
Adam: I couldn't get away, sweetheart.
Skye: Oh, and if it had been Hayley, or Colby, or Junior it would have been a different story, wouldn't it?
Adam: I arranged for a lawyer, I arranged for your bail.
Skye: I didn't want a lawyer. I wanted my father. All the guards in the prison couldn't even understand how a rich and powerful man like Adam Chandler could let his daughter sit and rot in prison. Well you know what? Now I know why. Because I'm not your daughter.
Adam: Yes you are my daughter. I don't care who gave birth to you, you are my daughter!
Skye: You never treated me like your daughter. You were never there for me when I had a problem. You always threw money at me and hoped I'd go away. I was nothing more than an embarrassment to you.
Adam: Please, please don't say these things. Not in front of-
Skye: Just leave me alone!
Adam: No!
Rae: Who, her mother?
Skye: Do you remember when I was little, and I knocked that crystal ash tray off the table?
Adam: No I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I don't.
Skye: You know, it got chipped. It was this little nick that was so tiny that you couldn't see it. But you, oh my God you threw a fit and you just tossed it out. You said 'That's damaged goods, I don't keep damaged goods.' Well you know what? That's what I am. Damaged goods. A baby, stolen from Rae Cummings by your drunken lunatic ex-wife. (Adam moves closer) No don't touch me! Leave me alone!
Rae: Skye, Skye, your father loves you.
Skye: Does he? Then I'd love to meet him. You really must introduce us.
Rae: I meant Adam, of course.
Skye: This man, he is not my father. And you're not my mother. I have no parents. I have nobody. I am nobody.
Adam: You are not nobody. You're a Chandler and that means a great deal.
Skye: It means nothing. I am nothing.
Rae: No. No, Skye, you mustn't ever say that.
Adam: You are something to me, and you are something to Stuart, and to Hayley-
Skye: Hayley? We don't even get along!
Rae: Listen to me, Skye, we haven't gotten along well either, and I won't pretend that I know you-
Skye: And you won't.
Rae: You're my daughter.
Skye: No, I am not!
Rae: We can't change everything that has happened. When I see you like this, you're in pain...It breaks my heart for you.
Skye: Just get out. I want you out of here, just get out, get out now. Get out the both of you before I call security. Get out!
Adam: I'm not letting you go. I'm not letting you go, you're my daughter and it's going to be all right. We just need some time.
Skye: No, what I need is to get the two of you out of here. Now! Go!
(Rae and Adam slowly leave)

Todd and Skye Talk at Hallowed Ground; Skye Breaks into Rae's
One Life to Live
March 30, 2001

Skye: You can find out who my father is?
Todd: I found out who your mother is.
Skye: Yeah, I remember. Only too well.
Todd: That was a freebie though- this one is going to cost you.
Skye: Now, why would I ever agree to that? I hate you.
Todd: Yeah but you hate Rae Cummings more. And I'll do for you what she won't. I'll tell you who your real father is. So, what's it going to be? Are you going to be Rae Cummings's good little girl? Or do you want to find out who your father is?
Todd: (to worker at counter) I want an apple pie, some hot apple pie, with some cold ice cream. Two of them.
Skye: I don't want any pie.
Todd: Then don't order any.
Skye: Thank you. I won't.
Todd: So wait, wait, wait. Do you want to know who your father is?
Skye: I don't need your help to find my father.
Todd: Yeah, right, cuz you did such a good job finding your mother.
Skye: I didn't want to find her.
Todd: I think she didn't want you to find her. This whole time, she was willing to keep you in the dark for the rest of your life. Now, are you really going to let Rae away with that?
Skye: If I say yes, and that's an if the size of your ego, what do you want in return, Todd?
Todd: Well usually it would be your first born child, but since you like Max, that could get a little ugly.
Skye: What do you want, Todd?
Todd: Well, just a little, you know, harmless favour.
Skye: What?
Todd: I want you to talk to your buddy John Sykes.
Skye: He's not my buddy.
Todd: Call him whatever you like.
Skye: What do you want me to talk to him about?
Skye: You didn't answer my question.
Todd: How did they manage to get this pie and ice cream to taste like sour cream and potatoes?
Skye: Why do you want me to talk to John Sykes?
Todd: I want you to ask him a question.
Skye: What is it?
Todd: Well, let's just say if you were evidence, and you weren't in the evidence room, where would you be?
Skye: Evidence? Oh, Blair's clothes!
Todd: Yeah, they're covered in gun powder.
Skye: You want me to help you get Blair off the hook?
Todd: Oh it would get Blair off the hook. I didn't even think of that.
Skye: Blair framed me for Max's shooting, you both did! Why would I ever want to help either one of you?
Todd: Because you're selfish.
Skye: What?
Todd: It's killing you not knowing who your father is. And you can do this little thing where you try to hurt me and Blair, or you can let me help you.
Todd: Look what do you care if Blair goes free? It doesn't mean that you go to jail instead.
Skye: Right, what was I thinking?
Todd: In a way you're in jail already. I mean, a jail of sorts. People have been lying to you your whole life, especially Rae. And it's not like they're lying to you about little things like 'oh, the puppy ran away' when they really had it put to sleep, or, 'oh hey, we're moving', they tell you, the day that they're moving. No, they've been lying to you about big things, like who your parents are. I mean, your parents made you, they are the reason you do what you do. I guess in a way you really don't know who you are.
Skye: What is this, the Todd Manning School of Mental Health?
Todd: I know what I'm talking about.
Skye: Well if the shoe fits...
Todd: The same kind of thing happened to me. My father was unkind. But that's nothing next to who my real father was.
Skye: Who? Satan?
Todd: Haha. See the thing is, people- they think that they're helping you by not telling you the truth, but really, it just screws you up. You're not going to let Rae do that to you again, are you? What you're going to do is ask John where Bo put those clothes.
Skye: And Blair goes free.
Todd: Maybe. Maybe not. But you definitely do.
Todd: So what's it going to be? It sounds like a good deal. You get a new and improved father all for the price of some measly old clothes.
Skye: Go to hell.
Todd: 'Kay. I mean, do you want to be little orphan Skye for the rest of your life?
Skye: Of course I don't. But there is no father on this earth who is worth helping you clear Blair. Nothing is worth that. (Skye gets up to leave and Todd grabs her arm)
Todd: No, no, no, don't- I mean, nobody walks away from me.
Skye: Get your hands off me. I'm not afraid of you. I will find out who my father is. I don't need your help, I don't need anybody's help. (Blair approaches them) Looks like you're going to have to find another to get that witch's clothes.
(at Rae's, Rae walks in to find a mess in her room, and Skye walks out of the bathroom, to Rae's surprise)
Skye: Call the cops. Have me arrested for breaking and entering.
Rae: For your information that thought never crossed my mind. And you know, if you had just come to the door I would have happily let you in.
Skye: I'll try to remember that.
Rae: I genuinely hope that's true. I have a patient downstairs and I have to get back to her.
Skye: Of course you do. Because any stranger is more important to you than I am.
Rae: That's not true.
Skye: Isn't it?
Rae: No, no. What I was going to say is, if you just stay here, I'll finish and I can put a pot of tea on and we can sit and we can talk.
Skye: I did not come here to have some tea and sympathy or have a mother and daughter heart-to-heart.
Rae: No, of course you didn't. You came because you want to know your father's name. You know, I could have saved you a lot of trouble Skye. It's not written anywhere here.
Skye: Why am I not surprised?
Rae: How about you stay, and we clean up this mess?
Skye: No, how about we start with the mess that you created.
Rae: Your biological father doesn't even know I had a child by him. So before I go and tell you his name, don't you think I'm obliged to let him know that you exist? So he can get used to the idea? don't you think I owe him that?
Skye: What about what you owe me?! You want me to start thinking about you as my mother, huh? You want things to start getting better between us? Then you start by telling me the one thing I really care about! The name of my father.
Rae: When I got pregnant and I knew for sure, your father and I, we weren't together anymore. I never had the chance to tell him about you.
Skye: So you decided that he didn't have a right to know that he had a daughter?
Rae: They told me you had died! What, tell me, what would have been the point of telling him? All through my pregnancy, oh God, I loved carrying you! I had such a- I had such plans for us. Your name was Rebecca, Richard if you had been a boy. When they told me you had died, oh, I was, I was inconsolable. Yeah, I mean, I've counselled a lot of women who lost babies. And you get past it, you do. But you never get over it, ever. Right now, I know what you're feeling. You're feeling used, and betrayed. You feel you're a victim of lies and deceit. You know what, that's something that you and I share, and maybe, it's something we can try to build on.
Skye: So you had a hard time too? So? What, do you expect there to be some kind of a magic bond between us? You expect me to start feeling all gushy, or lucky? Or am I supposed to feel bad for you?
Rae: I don't care what you feel, as long as it's something more than all this hate.
Skye: You had no right. You had to come looking for me, you gave up that right when you gave me up.
Rae: They told me you were dead! Don't you understand that? They stole you from me!
Skye: So that makes it all right?
Rae: No, no of course it doesn't. Of course it doesn't. I don't know, Skye, I don't know. I mean maybe our relationship is beyond repair. Maybe this is as good as it's ever gonna get. But maybe, just maybe, you could have a better relationship with your father.
Skye: Adam Chandler is my father.
Rae: Your biological father. Skye, I can't tell you yet. Don't you see I'm trying to help you?
Skye: Oh my God, you blew apart my entire life. My God! Don't you think I have a right to know who he is!
Rae: Of course you have a right, Skye. And if I could believed for one second that if I told you and you wouldn't take off and try to find him say something without telling me first, then I would tell you, but I know you-
Skye: Know me? You weren't there to know me!
Rae: That was not my choice! I know how you handle things like this. I know. I watched you. You're like a loose cannon. And I can't, I can't give you ammunition to go off on someone else. For God's sakes, I am trying to protect you.
Skye: Protect me from what?
Rae: From yourself. From yourself. From infuriating your biological father as much as you infuriate me.
Skye: What, because I infuriated you, because I didn't fall into your arms and cry 'mommy', what, you're punishing me?
Rae: No of course not. You could use a lot of work on your people skills.
Skye: Yeah, well, Mommy Therapist didn't have enough time with me.
Rae: I'll tell you what your father's name is...when the time is appropriate.
Skye: Don't bother. I'll find out myself.
Rae: Skye...Please. Just a few days. That's all I'm asking you, just a few days. I am going to meet with him. I am going to tell him, and I promise you I will tell you. Can't you- can't you give me that? That's all I ask. You've waited this long, please.
Skye: A few days, all right. In my dictionary, that means three.
(Rae sees Skye's bleeding hand)
Rae: You've cut your hand.
Skye: Yeah, when I broke in. Guess I'm not much of a Second-Story woman.
Rae: Wait, please. (Rae goes to get a bandage.) Here.
(Rae and Skye just look at each other)

Skye Crashes Monica and Alan's Vow Renewal
General Hospital
April 27, 2001

(door bell rings, Rae looks around, sees no one, and opens the door)
Priest: Good evening, I'm Reverend Althorp.
Rae: Oh.
Rev. Althorp: I'm here to perform the renewal of the vows.
Rae: Oh, well uh, I think there might be a slight problem. Why don't you just go into the den and you can announce yourself.
(doorbell rings, Rae and Rev. Althorp look at each other)
Rev. Althorp: I take it you're not a member of the household.
Rae: No, I am definitely not.
(doorbell rings again)
Rae: I'm sort of a guest, I guess. I better get that. All right. Excuse me.
(Rae opens the door, and in walks Skye)
Skye: Hello mother.
Rev. Althorp: Are you here for the ceremony?
Skye: Oh, sure, why not?
Rae: Like hell you are!
Rev. Althorp: I, uh, I think I'll just slip in.
Skye: Me too.
Rae: No. No, no, no, you will not go in there!
Skye: Watch me.
Rae: Let me take care of this!
Skye: Like you took care of everything else? Like you took care of me?
(they walk in the family room)
Edward: I just did what I had to do!
Chloe: you can't just kick Edward out of here.
Monica: Oh sure I can!
Rev. Althorp: Excuse me-
Edward: Go away!
Rev. Althorp: I'm here for the wedding!
Alan: I'm with you. Father, get out!
Emily: I'm leaving if anybody cares.
Monica: Emily! Emily!
Edward: Stop her!
Monica: Wait, please!
Emily (to Skye): Who are you?
Edward: Who let these people in my house?
Monica: Whose house?
Edward: Reginald!
Monica: Why are you still here?
Rae: Please-
Ned: Haven't we met?
Rae: If I could just have a sec, Alan-
Edward: Why did you invite her?
Alan: I thought you left.
Monica: Oh I've heard that before!
Alan (to Skye): What are you doing here?
Rae: Alan, Alan, please-
Edward: If we could just-
(Skye whistles really loud, and everyone shuts up)
Skye (looking Alan straight in the eye): I'm your daughter....where's my room?
(Everyone just looks in confusion, bewilderment, disbelief, etc.)

Skye and Alan Reconcile at the AA Meeting
General Hospital
July 26, 2001

Skye: Since I've been in Port Charles, every time that I've wanted to go to a meeting it always seemed like I had something better to do. I thought I worked a good program, I mean, I'm certainly not the messed up alcoholic who crawled in here years ago. But then I have a day like today where I manage to screw up my life yet again, this time stone cold sober. I uh...I helped created a tragedy for a young girl, who never meant me any harm. I was jealous of the love she got, and now she's paying for it...(Skye begins to cry)...I am so sorry...Oh, I wanted a drink so bad today, you know, so bad I could taste it. I just wanted the pain to stop. And then I realized that without a drink, I'm just a dry drunk unless I change what's inside. And then I realized I don't know how to change. I mean, I just keep making the same mistakes over and over again, just hoping for a different ending, and I guess....I guess it doesn't work that way. I know you know how to change lives. I've seen miracles happen in these rooms, I mean, I've seen it happen for other people and...I think that my only hope is that if I just sit here, and shut up and listen then just maybe I'll learn something. And then maybe that miracle could happen for me too.
Meeting Leader: Would anyone else like to talk?
(Alan takes a seat and Skye realizes he's been there the whole time)
Alan: My name is Alan...I'm an addict.
Alan: I realized that, matter how bad things get, my worst day now is better than any day that I used to have when I was using. I realized that when you come to these rooms, and you do the work, if you're lucky, you're granted the gift of sobriety. You go along and everything's just fine, and then you hit the wall and it seems like you've done everything for nothing. And today...I almost gave away that gift, but I didn't. I'm here, I don't particularly want to be, but I'm here, and that's progress. Not perfection, that's progress....I have so much wreckage from my past to clear up, but, uh, they tell me in these rooms that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake, and that must include me and everything that I've done. So I'm gonna take your word for it. I'll walk away from here today and I'll take you all with me, and I won't use no matter what. Thank you.
(Skye and Alan share an emotional look)
(Alan walks up to Skye when the meeting is over)
Alan: Good meeting.
Skye: Yes.
Alan: I appreciate what you said.
Skye: Really?
Alan: I wish things were different.
Skye: So do I. I have to make amends to Emily. How do I?
Alan: Sit down. (they sit and he takes her hand) You have to do what they tell you here. You can't just say you're sorry. You've got to go to the person, and look them in the eye and tell them that you are sorry, and that you know you've hurt them, and that you're not going to do it again.
Skye: She'll never forgive me.
Alan: You have to take that chance or you're never gonna forgive yourself.
Skye: I don't really think I'm worth forgiving. I don't even know how you can sit there and look at me. You really should just tell me to get lost.
Alan: That isn't going to help you or give you what you need.
Skye: I need my dad.
Alan: I need my daughter. I'm so sorry the way I spoke to you.
Skye: So am I....Well, I sure made a mess.
Alan: Doesn't mean we're gonna stop trying. Gotta keep on going, right?
Skye: Okay.
Alan: Okay.
Skye: How did you get to be so smart?
Alan: I picked it up from my daughter.
(they smile and walk out together)

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