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All you need to know about Robin Christopher...

Name: Robin Christopher- Robin: her mother named her Robin when a robin flew in the window shortly after she was born; Christopher: Robin's grandfather shortened it from DiCristoforo when he moved from Italy to the US
Birthday: June 18, 1965
Hometown: Revere, Massachusetts
Height: 5'6"
Siblings: One brother
Favourite Movies: Cinema Paradiso and It's a Wonderful Life
Favourite Actors: James Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, James Dean, Anne Bancroft and Mickey Rourke
Pets: 3 cats: Sasha, Bonu and Tiger Lily
Marital Status: Married to Matt Crane
Wedding Anniversary: April 11, 2000
Hobbies: Painting, reading, cooking, doing yoga with Matt

On June 18, 1965, a star was born- Robin Christopher came into this world. She would grow to become one of the best actresses of all time...
When Robin was in high school, she was a straight A student. One day while shopping with a friend, she was spotted by a photographer, who suggested that she become a model. After the offer checked out to be the real thing, Robin moved to Europe. She spent three months in Japan, one month in London and one month in Germany before coming back to the United States.
Robin received two art scholarships, to Boston College and to Boston University, but turned them down. She had realized she wanted to act. She moved to New York, and quickly joined a big name modelling agency called Elite. During this time she posed for many jewellery ads and appeared on several romance novel covers. But she found modelling wasn't enough for her, she really yearned to be an actress! Robin studied with William Esper-who doesn't take just any young aspiring actors- at the famous Stella Adler Studio. She was an extra several times on Another World, and was a dayplayer on Search for Tomorrow. But her big break came when she auditioned for All My Children, to replace Antoinette Byron in the role of Skye Chandler.
In March 1987, Robin began to portray the role of Skye on AMC, and became quite popular quite quickly. She played the vixen until 1991. But she wasn't out of work for long; she starred in the TV-movie Empire City alongside Michael Pare and Mary Mara, as Kelly Carnahan, a rich socialite who is the fiance of a man who gets killed, and is not what she seems. She also guest starred on Star Trek DS9, Vinnie and Bobby, and Bodies of Evidence during this time. Then in 1993 she played the short term role of District Attorney Abby Mitchell on General Hospital.
In 1994, Robin got another big break when she won the role of Lorna Devon on Another World, when Alicia Coppola left the role. It was here that she met Linda Dano, who is now her OLTL and GH co-star. Also it is here that she met her future husband, Matt Crane, who played Matthew Cory on AW. Matt asked her out a few times, but Robin declined, thinking they were too different. However, Linda and Robin's executive producer and friend Jill Farren Phelps encouraged her, and when Matt asked her out again, she finally said yes. They dated for a few years and Matt proposed; Robin happily accepted.
In 1997 Robin was fired from Another World. Her fiancee Matt then quit the show in protest. A couple years later they bought a house in LA, and coincidentally, on the day they closed the deal on the house, Robin was given the offer to reprise her role of Skye Chandler, but not on All My Children- on One Life to Live! Robin was surprised but she happily agreed to play again the character who was so close to her heart.
Robin first appeared on OLTL as Skye Chandler in August 1999. It was revealed that Skye Chandler was Ben Davidson's wife, but there was just one problem- Ben was going to marry Viki Carpenter, played by the 5-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak! Robin got to work with many great co-stars at OLTL: Erika, Kassie and James DePaiva, Roger Howarth, Phil Carey and Tim Gibbs. She also gained quite a fan following, especially me!
On April 11, 2000, Robin and Matt became man and wife in Nova Scotia, Canada, in a beautiful ceremony outdoors, on a cliff overlooking the water, near the small home they own there.
Robin played Skye on OLTL until April 2001. It was then that her character Skye learned that AMC's Adam Chandler was not her father; but rather General Hospital's Alan. So, beginning April 18th, 2001, Robin took her character to General Hospital, where she is currently.

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