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*Destined 2 Be 2gether*

Chapter 1

''I'll have an iced tea, please,''

''Sure thing,'' said Sophia, whose back was turned from the bar, ''Coming right up...hey Skye!'' she said, seeing who it was that had ordered it. ''I didn't expect to see you here, because, well, I mean, uh..''

''Because I'm an alcoholic?'' Skye said with an amused expression on her face. ''Don't worry about it, I get that all the time. No, I just come here to relax, get away from the people and problems of Llanview...just go somewhere where I'm not known as...well you know''.

Skye and Sophia had become friends through John Sykes, Skye's friend and Sophia's police training instructor. Each had found that they had barely any friends at all, and they had hit it off right away. Now they were good friends, and they confided in each other, Sophia's crush on Antonio, Skye's situation with Max, etc.

Suddenly the phone rang.

''Crossroads, Sophia speaking...oh hi Ben. Yeah, everything's going OK...Oh shoot, I completely forgot! Yeah, I'll go pick it up right away. Sorry Ben. Don't worry, everything will be fine.'' She hung up and explained to Skye that she had forgot to pick something up from the store that Ben needed for Crossroads.

''Okay, I know I can trust you,'' Sophia said to Skye. ''Can you keep an eye on the place? I shouldn't be gone more than 10 or 15 minutes.''

''Sure, no problem,'' said Skye.

Sophia thanked her and rushed out the door. Sipping her iced tea, Skye remembered a few days back when she had presented Kevin with that, uh, ''resume''. I was so stupid, she thought. Kevin's my best friend, except for Sophia. I shouldn't have done anything to mess it up. But she smiled, also remembering how Kevin had been so nice about it, comforting her and telling her she wasn't stupid. He's a great guy, Skye thought, why couldn't Max have been like that???

While Skye was wrapped up in her thoughts, a group of five or six guys walked in. They were all big, tall, strong tough-looking guys.

''Hey, who's runnin' this dive?'' one of them asked. ''I don't see no bartender.''

''Um, I am,'' said Skye. ''Just a minute.'' She got behind the bar and took their orders. At first she was uncomfortable, but it just made her feel stronger, for not even really feeling tempted to make one for herself.

''Thanks, babe. What's a pretty little thing like you doin' tendin' a dump like this?'' said another.

''I'm just helping out a friend. Why, don't I look like someone who could be a bartender?'' Skye asked, laughing a bit.

''Naw, you're way too hot and rich-lookin'...Hey, I bet a sweet little thing like you likes to dance, eh?'' said one.

''If you don't mind, I don't appreciate being called a sweet little thing. And no, I don't want to dance.'' Skye said, remaining strong and confident. The guys started to laugh.

''Ooh, a tough cookie, boys!!'' said the tallest one. ''Come on, he said, as he slipped a quarter into the jukebox. ''Nookie'' by Limp Bizkit filled the room. ''Doesn't this make you wanna get on the floor...heh heh...dancin' I mean?''

''Hardly. Now if you'll excuse me, there are other customers who need to be served.'' With that, Skye left the group of guys and approached one other guy at the other end of the counter, not realizing she left her iced tea where she had been standing.

''Well, how do ya like that, boys? That sexy little bitch didn't wanna dance with us! What're we gonna do about it?'' said the tallest one. The others got a mischevious look on their faces, and one of the guys took something out of his pocket...
Sophia sat in her car, frustrated. She was on her way back from picking up the stuff that Ben needed. There had been an accident up ahead, and now Sophia was in the middle of a huge traffic backup. She sighed, and checked her watch. It had already been almost 15 minutes since she had left Skye. I hope she's OK, and not too busy, she thought. If only I had a cell phone...
...Skye had finished serving the other guy and walked back to where the big group was.

''You guys still here? Go play pool or something.'' For once that night, the pool table was free. In fact, the group of guys were the only people in there. The one guy Skye had served had paid and left. Skye checked her watch, wondering when Sophia would get back.

''Pool's not really my cup of tea, dearie,'' said one of them, using a fake accent. This started a big round of harsh laughter from the guys. Skye took a drink of her iced tea, then another.

''Well at least go somewhere else. Your breath is starting to give me a headache.''

''Hey, no one talks to me that way....but I'll let you make it up to me by dancing with me...''
Ten minutes later Sophia was still stuck in traffic. I'm so sorry, Skye, thought Sophia. Imagine leaving an alcoholic to tend bar. What was I thinking?!
Kevin Buchanan walked in the door of Crossroads. He had taken a different route, so he had escaped the traffic. He wasn't going to drink, either. He, like Skye, just wanted a place where he could escape, relax...But there was nobody at the bar. The song ''Bawitdaba'' by Kid Rock blared. Kevin noticed 6 guys crowding around the pool table. Then he noticed a woman dancing on the table, but he couldn't see who it was, with all her thrashing around. He walked up, sure that the person was either very drunk or in trouble. He pushed his way between two of the tough guys. When he saw who it was, he froze out of shock, surprise and fear for her. It was Skye!

Chapter 2

''Skye....'' Kevin said softly. For a moment he was frozen, but then he snapped out of it. He had to save her!

''Get the hell away from her!'' he yelled at the guys.

''Hey dude, there's enough room around this table for you to get a good view....heh heh need to be ssselfish...'' one guy slurred, obviously quite drunk.

''No way, man, party's over. Skye! Skye! Come down!'' Kevin shouted.

''Kevvie...when did you get here? You wanna dance?'' Skye said, pausing her dance for a moment.

''Hey punk, you made her stop! And baby, I thought I was your only dancin partner!'' the tallest one said, laughing. He started to climb up onto the table where Skye stood wobbly.

''I don't think so, *******.'' said Kevin, and then he punched the guy square in the face.

''What did you do that for?'' Skye said, giggling. ''You should know vi-o-lence doesn't solve anything. Bad..bad..bad Kevvie. No manners!'' Then the guys started to close in on Kevin.

''You made a bad move, buddy. Nobody hits The Man!'' said one. He tried to hit Kevin but Kevin was too quick. He pushed the guy over, and he landed on another guy, knocking him over. But there were still three other guys, big and strong, and angry. Skye was now off the table, edging toward the door, scared and confused. One of the guys was about to throw a punch at Kevin, when Sophia walked in.

''What the--oh my God! Skye, what is going on here? Kevin?!'' Sophia shouted.

''It's like one of those really old latenight TV shows...but Kevin's cuter than any of those old western actors,'' Skye said, laughing.

''Oh, no, what happened to you? I am so, so sorry,'' said Sophia.

''Sophia! police!'' Kevin said, while getting shoved against a wall.

''Police?! &*%?&$!'' One of the guys said. ''Let's get the hell outta here!'' Before anyone could say or do anything, they ran out. Kevin ran to Skye. ''Are you okay, baby? It's okay now, they're gone...''

''My head hurts...musta been a strong iced tea! Hahaha..whoo, that was exciting. Did you see me dance, Kevim..heehee, I mean Kevin...whatever your name is. I can do it again! No one dances like Skye Channnnnnler!'' Skye slurred.

''No....let me just see that you're okay. Are you hurt?'' Kevin asked.

''Nope! I'm oooooooooo-kay, well, my head feels kinda buzzy...heh heh..but the rest of me feels fine. Now let me get back up, and-'' Trying to climb on the table, Skye fell.

''She passed out! Sophia, call Bo, tell them what happened. I gotta get Skye outta here.'' Kevin said.

''You should take her to the hospital, Kevin, just in case, well, just in case something happened to her, I mean...'' Sophia trailed off.

''No, I don't want a whole bunch of people looking at her. It'll just scare and confuse her. Obviously she was drugged and she has no idea what's going on. I'll call Melanie, she's a friend of mine. She's a doctor, she can look at her where Skye can be comfortable. Just call Bo, okay?'' Kevin picked up Skye and carried her to his car, while Sophia just looked on, worried and extremely apologetic for her friend.
''Well, Kevin, she looks fine to me. There's no bruises or cuts, no ripped clothing or anything that would suggest that those guys hurt her. And it is a good sign that she woke up. Do you know if she had anything to drink-''

''She never drinks.''

''That's right...heh heh...nothing stronger than club soda with lime...'' Skye murmured.

''Okay, well, from the situation you described to me, there's a good possibility that one of those guys drugged her drink.'' Melanie said.

''That's what I was thinking. Thanks a lot, Melanie. It means a lot that you would come all the way here. Go get some rest now.'' said Kevin.

''You too. And Skye?''

''Yes, Mrs...oops, hehheh...Doctor MacIver?'' Skye answered.

''Get some rest too. It'll probably help you feel better. Goodnight.''

''Thanks again, Mel.'' Kevin said.

''Sure, Kevin.'' she replied. As she walked out the door, she said, ''She's lucky that you got there when you did.'' She then gently shut the door.

''Thank God for that,'' Kevin whispered to himself. ''Skye, do you need---'' he turned and looked at Skye. She had fallen asleep. Kevin turned off the lamp.
''Good-night, Miss Channnnler.'' he whispered, and kissed her cheek. He lay on the couch, but never fully falling asleep, just watching her breathe and sleep peacefully. He sighed. She's one of a kind, he thought. One of a kind....

Chapter 3

Skye lay in her bed, stirring, half awake and half asleep. In the chair by her bed lay Kevin, awake. Not wanting to disturb her by making any noise, he just stayed quietly on the chair and watched her. Minutes passed...

''Aaaahh!'' Skye bolted up in bed and gathered her sheets around her.

''Skye, Skye, what's wrong?'' Kevin shouted. Skye squinted.

''Kevin? Oh my God...I didn't know who it was...Wait a second, what are you doing here?''

''Um, Skye, I don't know how to tell you this, but-''

''Kevin, we didn't...did we?'' Skye asked, sheepishly.

''No, no...Skye something happened last night. What do you remember from last night? You were at Crossroads...'' Kevin began.

''Whoa, my head...I feel kinda dizzy,'' Skye said softly.

''Sit down, sit down. Just try to remember. Do you have any memory of what happened last night?'' Kevin asked. For a moment, Skye didn't speak.

''I was at Crossroads, and Sophia had to leave to get something for Ben...I don't remember what time it was or anything, but..''

''That's okay,'' Kevin said. ''Keep going.''

''...I made myself an iced tea, and there were these guys...big, tough, ugly guys...I served them....they were rude...something about dancing...a pool table...and then, I...I...God, I can't remember a thing...Kevin, what happened? How do you fit in to all this?'' Skye said.

''Well..I came into Crossroads just to hang out, you know? And there was loud music from the jukebox, no one behind the bar. Then I saw these big guys crowding around the table...'' Kevin began.

''Oh, my God tell me it wasn't me up there...I would never do that. Kevin, tell me it wasn't me. I wouldn't ever do something like that unless I was...Oh God Kevin, no...'' Skye said burying her face in her hands.

''You weren't drunk, Skye. Those guys- those guys must have drugged your drink. I know you. You would never touch a drop of alcohol.'' For a second, Skye was silent.

''Kevin, how were you so sure that I hadn't been drinking? I mean what with the whole mess with Max?'' Skye asked.

''I know you too well. You are so strong, Skye, stronger than me. When I lost Grace, I nearly drank myself into oblivion, but you were the one who told me that booze wouldn't solve my problems. You're one of the strongest people I know.''

Skye just smiled shyly. ''I don't know about that...''

''It's true.''

For a moment, there was silence.

''And then what happened?''

''Well, you were, were dancing on the table as those guys watched. I tried to get them away from you, a fight started, but then luckily, Sophia came and I told her to call the cops. Then the guys freaked, and ran out.''

''So you saved me...'' Skye said.

''What are friends for? Hell, you're practically the only friend I've got. I couldn't let anything happen to you.'' Kevin replied.

''Well, I think it would be pretty accurate to say that you're my only you know I'm not very popular in this town,'' Skye paused. ''Kevin, did I look really stupid dancing around like that? Be honest with me, now. I really want to know. I must have made a complete jackass of myself.''

'''re a pretty good dancer. Especially when you started busting some moves from Saturday Night Fever,'' said Kevin, grinning wickedly. ''That really got me impressed.''

''No! I didn't,'' Skye said, wide-eyed.

''Oh yeah! You were sticking up that pointer finger better than Travolta!'' he continued.
Skye's face had a look of horror on it.

''Oh my God...I must have looked like such a fool. Tell me you're lying, Kevin. Please tell me you're lying.''

''Ya, I'm lying...kinda makes me laugh, picturing you in bell bottoms, though,'' Kevin said, laughing.

''That's it, boy, you're going down!'' Skye yelled, and grabbed a pillow. She lunged at Kevin.

''Hey, hey hey, is this any way to thank your saviour?'' he laughed, glad to see her in a good mood. ''At least let me make it a fair fight!'' Skye chased Kevin around the room as he grabbed the other pillow. Pretty soon they were engaging in a full-blown pillow war.
Kevin lay sprawled on the couch and Skye on the bed, laughing and giggling like neither one had done in a long time. And they were both enjoying themselves, despite the trouble they had encountered the night before. Kevin went to get up.

''Ow...that's what I get for sleeping a whole night in this chair,'' Kevin said, rubbing his neck.

''Oh, Kevin, I'm so sorry...I guess last night I was too high to really thank didn't have to stay, you know. But thank really made me feel better. How can I thank you enough?'' Skye said.

Kevin answered, ''Well, I've got a helluva sore can give a massage, if you want,'' he laughed. ''Just kidding, I'll be fine.''

''No, it's okay, I'll do it. I give pretty damn good massages, and it's the least I can do to repay you for everything you've done for me. There...doesn't that feel better?'' she asked, rubbing his neck gently.

'' really, Skye, you don't have to do this...'' Kevin replied.

''No, it's okay. What are friends for, right?'' Skye said.

''Right,'' Kevin said. ''Friends...''

Chapter 4

***in Skye's hotel room***
The phone rang.

''Hello?'' Skye said.

''Skye, it's Kevin. Listen, Bo managed to round up some possible suspects for a police lineup. He wants us to go down to the station to see if we can I.D. any of the guys who gave you that drug. Can I pick you up in 10 minutes?''

''Yeah, sure, that's great....but, I don't know if I'll really be able to identify any of them...that night still isn't very clear, you know?'' Skye answered.

''That's okay, don't worry,'' Kevin replied, ''I will be right there with you, and I saw them too, so between the two of us, we should be able to recognize at least one of them, if Bo got the right guys.''

''Well, okay then. I'll see you in 10 minutes??'' Skye asked.




''Thanks for doing this for me. It means a lot.''

''You don't have to thank me. I wanna see whoever did that to you get nailed. No one messes with my friends....Besides, heh heh, one of those guys nearly gave me a black eye. He ain't gettin' away with that!'' Kevin joked.

''Awwww, poor baby.'' Skye laughed. ''Okay, well, I'll see you soon, then, and we'll see if we can get these guys. Bye Kevin.''
********At the station********
Kevin and Skye walked in, and ran into Sophia.

''Hey, guys! I heard Bo got a lineup to ID those horrible thugs.'' Sophia said.

''Yep,'' said Skye, glancing at Sophia's uniform.

''Hey- it's official! Congratulations! That's terrific!''

''Yeah, Sophia, that's great. We're really happy for you.'' Kevin added.

''Thank you, thank you,'' Sophia smiled, then her expression became more serious. ''If only I had gotten this a few days earlier, though. Then I could have officially arrested those thugs...I still feel awful for leaving you alone..''

''Don't worry, Sophia, it wasn't your fault. And even if you had been an official cop that night, you couldn't have arrested all those guys on your own. No cop could have. But hopefully, we can nail those jerks today!''

Bo joined the group. ''Kevin. Skye. We're ready for you now.''
Kevin and Skye looked at each other with hopeful, but nervous expressions. Kevin grabbed Skye's hand and squeezed it, on an impulse. But neither of them minded.
********20 minutes later*********
''I can't believe we didn't ID any of those guys! That means they're still out there, free, maybe drugging even more women and doing worse things to them than what happened to me. It's just not fair!'' Skye exclaimed.

''Don't worry, Skye, Bo and the LPD will catch them. I'll make sure they don't give up.'' Kevin replied.

''Thanks Kevin. Thank you so much....But I just wish we could've caught them so it would all be over. This is just so horrible...'' Skye stopped to wipe a tear from her eye.

''Hey,'' Kevin said, taking her hands. ''Hey, it'll be okay. I'll see to it that you're safe, and that Bo does everything he can to find those jerks. But for now, I think you need some cheering up. And I think I know just the thing we need.''

''What's that?'' Skye asked, perking up. ''An exciting game of darts, using Max as the dartboard?''

''Hmm...sounds tempting but no. Guess again.''

''Umm...shaving Blair's head?'' Skye laughed.

Kevin burst out laughing. ''Hey, Skye, you wouldn't know how, uh, Blair's hair seemed to get a lot shorter overnight a while back there, would you?''

''I refuse to answer on grounds that I may incriminate myself.''

''Okay, okay, I'll drop it. Although it does paint an incredibly amusing picture in my mind.''

''Stop it! So, where are we going to go? Rodi's? The Country Club?''

''Nope. Just trust me.''
*******At Karen's Karaoke Shack********
''A karaoke bar?? Kevin, you haven't taken up smoking crack when I wasn't looking, have you?'' Skye asked, laughing.

''Ha ha very funny. But really, I think this is just the place we need for some cheering up. I mean, what could be more amusing then hearing me, Kevin Tone Deaf Buchanan, singing?'' They walked into the small, cheesy looking karaoke shack.

''You mean you're actually gonna sing a song for me? Now this I gotta see. Just too bad I didn't bring a camcorder. You should have warned me first.''

''Correction,'' said Kevin, ''I am not going to sing. WE are going to sing.''

''Oh no we aren't!!! I am not getting up on that stage,'' Skye protested, as Kevin scribbled on a strip of paper and handed it to the DJ.

''Oh yes we are! Come on, you can't be worse than me.''

''Actually, and few people know this, I used to be a singer, years and years ago. I sang in Pine Valley when I was about 20 or so. And I was damn good, too.''

''Really? Then you'll be perfect. Just try not to upstage me too much.''

''No, Kevin, come on-''
Skye's plea was interrupted by the DJ: ''Our next song will be sung by ''Sonny and Cher'', and they will be singing ''Crash and Burn'' by Savage Garden! Let's give it up for Sonny and Cher!''

''Stand up.'' said Kevin.

''That's us? Sonny and Cher?'' Skye said, increduously. Kevin nodded. ''You are really too much,'' she added.
The two made their way up to the stage.

''You know this song, right?'' Kevin asked.

''Yep. I love Savage Garden. I have both CD's!'' Skye answered.

''I love them too, but I only have the first CD. I wanna get the second one sometime though. But anyways, I thought this song is perfect.''

The music started, and Kevin and Skye grabbed the mikes and watched the screen, and sang:
''When you feel all alone
And the world has turned its back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold
When darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take anymore
Let me be the one you call
If you jump I will break your fall
If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone
When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face the day
Let me be the one you call
If you jump I will break your fall
If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone
Because there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again
You'll breathe again
When you feel all alone
And the world has turned its back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
Let me be the one you call
If you jump I will break your fall
If you need to fall apart I can mend a broken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
You're not alone''
The song ended, and received thunderous applause.

''See? That wasn't so bad, was it?'' Kevin asked.

''No, no it wasn't. I actually had a lot of fun up there with you. And hey, you weren't so bad, ''Sonny''.'' Skye giggled.

''Oh thanks a lot,'' Kevin pretended to be hurt. ''But Skye, I meant it. If you ever need me, I will be there for you, anytime, anywhere.''

''Me too, Kevin. You've done so much for me, if you're ever in need of anything at all, I will help you, I promise. You- you're the best friend I've ever had.'' She embraced him, and for a few moments, they just stood there in silence, hugged together closely. When they pulled apart there was an awkward silence. Finally, Kevin broke the silence.

''You, um, you wanna watch some more people and laugh at them?''

Skye smiled. ''Sure, I'd like that.''

Chapter 5

Skye Chandler opened her eyes and looked at the clock. 11:30 am!!

''My God, that's the best sleep I've had it must be years!'' she thought to herself. And she knew why. She had been so relaxed last night, when she went to bed, her eyes closed almost immediately as her head hit the pillow. ''Last night...''
Last night had been so much fun. Skye thought back to her and Kevin's fun-filled night at Karen's Karaoke Bar; getting up the nerve to sing, drinking Cokes and eating popcorn, quietly laughing at the people who were really off-key. It was the kind of light-hearted fun that Skye couldn't remember ever having. And it was all because of Kevin.

Skye had never had a friend like him before. ''He's so easy to be around,'' she thought. ''I can be myself, I'm so relaxed....he's really the perfect friend.'' She smiled as she thought about how he had began to do the craziest little dance while they were singing. What a ham.
''Yup,'' Skye thought, ''he's perfect. I'm so lucky to have him as a friend.'' But strangely, the more she thought of him, the quicker her heart would beat, and chills would go through her body. ''But what if he was more than- no, no it couldn't be. We're talking about Kevin here. No, we're friends, nothing more. And that's the way it should be....'' Skye tried to shrug off that passing feeling and turned on the TV. Dr. Laura was on and she was taking calls from the audience at home.

''This should be interesting,'' Skye mused. ''Anyone actually calling her up must have a more pathetic life than me.''

''Yes, what's your question?'' asked Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

''Hi, Dr. Laura. I've been friends with this guy for years and years and years, but lately I've been having feelings for him on a different level. What should I do? Should I make a move? Or should I leave things the way they are? I don't want to ruin the great friendship we have.''
Before Dr. Laura could answer, Skye quickly changed the channel. That was almost too scary. The Price is Right. ''That's better,'' she thought. ''I'm not going to think about Kevin. We're friends. That's it.''....''Ha, stupid, there's no way that car costs that much!!!!''
At Kevin's house
''I'm sorry, Jay, you've overbid. Michelle, you are the winner!'' Bob Barker's voice exclaimed on Kevin's TV.

''I knew it,'' Kevin said, and he laughed. ''I should be on that show, he thought, I could win me a new car''. He clicked off the TV. His one day off and he was watching game shows? Kevin was really bored. He tried to think of something to do.

Call Joey and go to the Total Fitness to work out? No, Joey was at work. His day off wasn't till Thursday...
Go shopping?
Ha, no way.
Go to work?
Hell no!
Hmmmm.....Ben and Viki were on their honeymoon still...John and Rae were on a trip to New York City...Antonio and Sophia were at work...Hank and Bo were at work too...Kevin tried to think of another one of his friends to call.

''My God,'' he thought, ''This is pitiful. I need to get some more friends.'' He laughed at himself. Then an idea popped in his head. Skye!

Of course! How could he have forgotten her? Especially after that fun night they had last night! He thought back to it. He had been so glad that he had been able to make her smile and laugh and have a good time again after their failure to ID anyone at the station. He thought more about her smile. He liked it. ''She should smile more,'' he thought. ''It suits her.''

He began to think about her eyes, and her hair, and the sound of her laugh, and the sound of her singing-the GREAT sound of her singing. Such a beautiful woman....

''Whoa,'' he thought. ''What am I doing? Skye is my friend,
I'm not supposed to think of her this way. It's not right.'' He tried to shut her out of his thoughts and plan something to do for the day. Maybe the car could use a wash and wax, or the groceries-

But there she was, invading his every thought. Kevin couldn't believe it. It had only been 2 and a half weeks since he and Kelly had broken up. ''Boy what a mistake that was...'' Things had been going well, but suddenly he realized he hadn't really loved her after all, it had just been a forbidden-desire type of thing back when she was still with Joey. They really weren't well suited for each other at all. They fought so much, constantly, and he couldn't believe how cold-hearted and b¡+©#¥ she could be at times. And how insensitive she had been around Joey lately. And THEN he discovered that she was fooling around with Colin MacIver behind his back. He realized that she was just the type of air-headed girl who had to have more than one man at all times, and quickly dumped her. She didn't care, she had Colin now, and would soon move on to someone else. The $£u+. After that, Kevin had sworn to stay away from women for a loooong time, since he obviously made bad choices quite often.
But he couldn't get Skye out of his mind.
He wished it weren't so complicated. Why did he have to get attracted to so many women? This attraction to Skye had come up on him so suddenly...they had always just been friends, not even that close of friends, but lately they had been getting closer, and he had been realizing that there was so much about her that he did like...

''No, we're friends.'' he thought. ''That's how it will stay. That's that.''
Now Price is Right was done, and some show other show was on, but Skye wasn't paying attention. Her thoughts were on something else. Kevin.

''I can't believe this. Where did this come from?...No, he loves Kelly. They've been together for a few months now, and are still together as far as I know....How can I even think about Kevin in that way? Ya, like someone else has ever stopped me before, but....''

Skye just shook her head. It was happening again. She was falling for ANOTHER man. And this time it was Kevin.
''She probably still loves Max...I think they've broken up, but, you never really get over someone that quickly...Man, I can't believe I'm even thinking these things....''
Kevin just shook his head. It was happening again. He was falling for ANOTHER woman. And this time it was Skye.

Chapter 6

Skye looked out her hotel room window. It was snowing. Again. She switched the button on the heater. Nothing. ''Don't tell me it's broken again....'' she moaned. She was going to have the Bayberry Inn manager's head over this.
She quickly put her big, warm bath robe over her nightgown...but she was still cold. She needed something else to warm her up. Kevin?

''Oh my God...I can't believe I just thought that.'' She shook her head. Kevin Buchanan was invading her every thought lately. In the past two weeks, since she realized she was developing feelings for him, they had been together a few times. Seen a movie. Went to the tree lighting ceremony together. Nothing special. Nothing romantic, not at all like a date. Just a friendly outing. With two friends. Or at least that's what Skye tried to tell herself.
And on New Year's Eve, when she and Kevin had both discovered neither of them had any plans-which Skye thought to be rather strange considering Kelly was still in the picture...or so Skye believed. She still didn't know that Kevin and Kelly had broken up weeks ago. She was too embarrassed to say anything about her. They had decided that since Crossroads would bring back some bad memories, they would try RJ's new club. And it had been a lot of fun. Skye and Kevin were becoming the best of friends. But Skye was realizing she wanted more than that. And at midnight they had seen other couples kiss to ring in the New Year. They had just cheered and clapped and smiled...but Skye found herself wishing they were one of the kissing couples. If only Kevin felt the same....
''Nooooooooooo....I forgot to turn the alarm off...shut up...shut up...'' Groggily Kevin got out of bed and shut off his alarm clock. It was his birthday and he had planned on sleeping in, since it just so happened that the Banner was closed that day due to a bad water leakage in the roof. He didn't have to be at Llanfair until 12:00 and so he had wanted to catch a few well-deserved zzzz's before his birthday lunch. What time was it anyway? Kevin looked at the clock. 7:35. Ugh. Mornings.

Realizing he couldn't go back to sleep after being disturbed like that, he decided to get up anyways and crash on the couch for awhile, see what was on TV. He grabbed himself a banana and clicked on the tube. A commercial for the movie Miss Congeniality was on. Kevin smiled. That was the movie he and Skye had seen together about a week ago. Just as friends of course, he reminded himself. Nothing more...But he had wanted it to be something more, sooo bad. He was falling for Skye in a big way. But for once he had decided not to act on it. His ''feelings'' had wrecked friendships with women several times before and he cherished his friendship with Skye too much to risk it. Besides he wasn't even sure if she felt the same way. He knew how she was with men...usually very fast if you know what I mean. Kevin laughed. She was just like him.
Suddenly an idea popped in his mind. He could invite her to his lunch party at Llanfair. ''No...she doesn't get along with Mom, so I wouldn't want her to be uncomfortable.'' he thought, sighing. Oh well, maybe he could see her tomorrow or something. She probably didn't even know it was his birthday.
On her way to the Llanview Mall that afternoon, Skye just happened to glance at the calendar. January 3. Why did that day seem to have some sort of special- Kevin's birthday! That was it! It was Kevin's birthday. She put her purse down and went over to the phone to call him to wish him happy birthday. After five rings, she got his machine. But rather than hang up right away, she listened for awhile before hanging up prior to the beep. She liked the sound of his voice. ''Well I guess I'll call him later,'' she thought. As she left to go to the mall, she thought of exactly what she could get him for his birthday. It had special meaning for the two of them, but it wasn't so personal that Kevin would feel nervous or embarrassed or anything and it wouldn't look like she was coming onto him. It was perfect...

The first store Skye went into was Sam the Record Man. She spotted a guy who worked there. ''Excuse me, where can I find the pop/rock section?''
Kevin sat at home, looking at the stuff he had gotten. From his Mom and Ben he had gotten a $100 gift certificate to his favourite store, the Future Shop. Jess had given him a Vertical Horizon CD, and a jumbo sized box of turtles. She knew how much he loved chocolate. Joey had even shown up, and given him a new basketball. ''Since I blew your old one that day when we had that, uh, intense game of ball going on...'' It wasn't an extravagant present, but it had meant a lot to Kevin, since things between he and Joey had been tense because of the Kelly situation. But they were slowly becoming better brothers and friends again.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. ''Who could that be,'' Kevin wondered. He answered it, and to his surprise-a good surprise that is- it was Skye!

''Hey, Skye, what's up?''

''Kevin Buchanan, do you think I would forget your birthday?'' Skye said laughing. ''Ah, ah, before you say anything, may I add that I come bearing gifts.'' As she entered, she held out a small blue bag with tissue paper sticking out the top.

''Aw you didn't have to do that, Skye, really,'' Kevin said. ''Not that I don't appreciate presents that is,'' he said jokingly. Skye laughed. They sat down on his couch.

''Open it. I really hope you don't have it already. You said you didn't, but..''

Kevin pulled the big bulge of tissue paper out and unwrapped it. It was the Savage Garden CD, the second one, ''Affirmation''.
''Hey, that's great! No I don't have it yet, thanks Skye. You remembered that I said I wanted this?''

''How could I forget? You said it as you were doing the moonwalk at the Karaoke Shack.'' ''I remember everything about you,'' Skye thought to herself.

''Uh- I just thought, you know, we could listen to ''Crash and Burn''..maybe do some karaoke? Haha, that was a great day Kevin. I had so much fun.''

''Me too,'' Kevin replied. ''Sure I'll put it on.'' He took the CD out of the case and stood up to go to his huge stereo system. He didn't notice that the CD case fell between the crack in the couch cushions. Skye didn't notice either.

''What number is it?'' Kevin asked.

''Umm...I forget,'' Skye replied. ''Lemme check the case- hey do you have the case Kev? I can't see it here.''

''No I don't have it.''

''Well I can't see it anywhere. It's not under the couch, or behind the pillow...Well I guess we'll just have to guess!''

''I was looking at the CD a few weeks ago in the store...I think ''Crash and Burn'' is near the beginning, and if I remember correctly it was an odd number. I don't know, for some reason I remember that it was odd.''

''Okay, was it 1?''

''No it wasn't first. ''Affirmation'' is first, I remember that.''

''Okay, try 3 then.''

Kevin set the player to 3. A slow, soft instrumental piece started to come on.
''Uh, I guess this isn't it.'' Kevin said.

''Well,'' Skye replied, ''You can just keep trying-''
Kevin decided to act on his first thought. ''Skye, while we're at this one, would you care to dance?''
Skye's heart jumped. She had just been picturing the two of them dancing to the slow was as if he had read her mind.

''Uh, ya, sure. Okay.''
They walked towards each other and put their arms around each other. They were dancing pretty far apart from each other at first, as the lyrics began...
Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant
And there it goes I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy, but I believe
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life
Skye and Kevin kept inching closer and now their faces were only centimeters apart. Each of them was thinking the same thing. Forget all the questioning if the other wanted it. They were comfortable right where they were and they just wanted to go with it. The way they slowly swayed together felt like magic, like they were perfectly fit with each other...
There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for. I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy, but I believe
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life
By now the two were as close as humanly possible, just slowly moving back and forth, like one person. It felt so right. Suddenly, without even thinking, Kevin did what he had been wanting to do for days now....He kissed her. Skye felt chills go through her body, and she happily kissed him back. She had been wanting this too...
A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I've found you
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life
The song ended, and went into a quicker more upbeat song. Skye and Kevin just stood there, both unsure of what to say. There was silence, except for the music playing on the stereo. And the clock ticking. Finally, Skye said, ''Happy Birthday, Kevin,''. Kevin just smiled. Neither one of them had felt so happy, so spellbound, in all their life.

Chapter 7

"Wow, Kevin, the view from up here is beautiful," Skye exclaimed.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you. The stars compare nothing to the gorgeous shine in your eyes, and the luminous glow about you surpasses anything the moon can muster," Kevin replied, as the two sailed through the sky in a huge hot air balloon..
Skye melted. "Kevin....I've never met anyone like you."
"Me neither."

"I wish this night could last forever."

"Maybe it can."
Kevin leaned forward and kissed her, and she happily answered back. She was in heaven, and it was all because of him.

"Kevin, I-"
"Good morning Q95's now 7:00!" the radio alarm blared.
Skye groaned. Always at the best part of the dream. Ugh. She hated alarms...but today was the big sale at Wyndham's, and an avid shopper like herself could not be late for such an event.
Suddenly, the sound of a familiar song came from the radio.

~I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life~

Skye flopped down on her bed and remembered last night, Kevin's birthday. How they had danced to this wonderful song. How they had felt like one person, just swaying in perfect rhythm with the song. How they had kissed-Oh how they had kissed! Skye couldn't remember such a passionate kiss ever! Afterwards she had been so tongue-tied- okay not in the way you think!- that she had not known what to say, and apparently so was Kevin. Then she had said the only thing she could think of: "Happy birthday." 'How dumb was that,' she thought. Oh well. Apparently, Kevin hadn't thought it was dumb. They had shared one more passionate kiss before Skye had shyly left and said goodbye.
That was really strange for Skye. In most relationships, they had always surged full steam ahead- usually after the first date! But it was different with Kevin. Maybe because they were such good friends, she wasn't sure. But she felt some sort of shyness, some sort of reluctance to go too far, in fear that things would become too complicated and their friendship would be in jeopardy. And she felt so surprisingly giddy whenever she thought about him- it was almost like she was back in high school and she had some big crush on the captain of the hockey team all over again. Her feelings for Kevin were deep, as she was surprised to realize, but she didn't want to hurry things, just in case Kevin didn't feel the same way. And what about Kelly? He hadn't mentioned her at all lately, but, could he be playing both of them? Skye tried to push that thought away. There was nothing worse than being the other woman. She learned that lesson from the fiasco with Max.

Kevin's house
"This is a great picnic, Skye," Kevin said. "A beautiful picnic under the stars with the most beautiful woman in the world beside me. What could be better than that?"

"Kevin you make me so happy. And you're not too bad yourself in the looks department. Why do you think I keep you around?"
The two laughed. Their comical back-and-forth conversation was one of their favourite things about their relationship.

"You know what would make me even more happy?"

"What, Kevin?"

"This." He leaned forward and kissed her, and was happy when she eargerly answered the kiss.
They sat there kissing as the moon bathed them in a pool of light...
"Damn whoever invented the telephone!" Kevin yelled. ALWAYS at the best part of the dream. He fumbled for the phone.


"Kevin, it's Zack. Where the hell are you man? You were due at work 20 minutes ago. I'm covering for you for now, but sooner or later someone's gonna realize you're not here. And you know what happens when people know you're not here-"

"Chaos. Yeah I know. Zack I'm sorry man. I must've forgot to set my alarm. I'll be there in 5 minutes. Thanks for covering."

"Yeah no prob, Kev. Just get here!"
Kevin hung up the phone. It wasn't like him to forget to set the alarm when he had to work the next day. Things must have been on his mind. 'I know just what it was,' he thought. 'Skye.'
He thought back to their 2 electrifying kisses. Wow. But then she had had to leave. But Kevin hadn't really minded. He had felt he had gotten the best present ever, and it was enough. That was really strange for Kevin. In most relationships, they had always surged full steam ahead- usually after the first date! But it was different with Skye. Maybe because they were such good friends, he wasn't sure. But he felt some sort of shyness, some sort of reluctance to go too far, in fear that things would become too complicated and their friendship would be in jeopardy. And he felt so surprisingly giddy whenever he thought about her- it was almost like he was back in high school and he had some big crush on the head cheerleader and was trying to muster up enough courage to ask her out. His feelings for Skye were deep, as he was surprised to realize, but he didn't want to hurry things, just in case Skye didn't feel the same way.
As Kevin walked out the door, he realized he was falling yet again- for Skye- and he was falling hard. Any thoughts of Kelly he had had were permanently pushed out of his mind, for now all he could think about was her.

Chapter 8

"Good night, Skye."

"Good night, Kevin." Before she entered her room at the Palace Hotel, they shared another one of those electrifying, passionate kisses. She smiled at him, and then went inside. Kevin stood there for a moment before he went downstairs to the parking garage. That was the fourth time they had gone out since his birthday. Nothing too extravagant, just simple things like the movies, and lunch at the country club. But, he was sure of it now, more sure than he had been of anything in his life. He was totally, absolutely, completely, in love with Skye Chandler. And it felt teriffic.
The Next Day, Early Afternoon
Skye Chandler and her best friend, Sophia Pellegrino sat at a table at the Palace restaurant.

"Okay, so what's your big news, Skye?" Sophia urged. "Spill it! I'm dying to know!!"

"Well, and before you say anything, just promise me that you won't be skeptical, okay, because I know this is for real. And I know I may have felt things like this a lot times before, but not really like this, this is special, this is different-"

"Skye, you're babbling. Just spit it out. Okay I promise I'll just listen. Now what is it?"

"I'm in love."

"With who?"



"Yes that's what I said. Is that so hard to believe? Because I don't think it's so hard to believe because we're really a lot alike and I really really-"

"Skye it's okay. Calm down. No, it's not that hard to believe. It's just that, I thought you guys were just friends."

"Well, we've been seeing each other for a few weeks. And when we kiss.....oh my God Sophia I just about melt away into the floor. He's so kind, so intelligent, so funny, and most of all, he really cares about me. Me as a person, not me as an object or someone for sex- which we haven't had yet before you even ask. He's really something special. And I'm so sure of it, more sure of it than anything. I am truly, completely, totally in love with Kevin Buchanan. And it feels teriffic."

"Wow, that's great. I'm so happy for you! Waiter, bring us some more sparkling cider. We need to celebrate!!!"

Skye laughed. "I just feel so...happy. It feels great to finally say it to someone. I love him. I love Kevin!"

"Have you said it to him yet?"

"No, not yet. But I will."

"What ever happened to Kell- um, never mind. It was stupid to bring that up. Forget it."

"No, what Sophia? You don't think he's still with Kelly
too, do you?"

"No! I just never heard of them breaking up. I'm sure Joey would have told me. What did Kevin say to you about it?"

"Well, nothing, exactly...."

"Well, I'm sorry I even brought it up. Me and my big mouth. But don't worry, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. I mean, you just said you love him! And I'm sure he loves you too."

"I hope so. Oh, Sophia, I think I've decided that I'm going to tell him today. There's no holding back anymore. I'm just going to go to him, and say it. Right now, while I'm ready."

"Good luck!"

Leaving the table, Skye pushed aside that minuscule worry of Kelly. Now she just had to focus on Kevin, and how she was going to tell him that she loved him.
At Kevin's house
As Kevin, shirtless, was watching some weird, old horror movie on satellite, there was a knock on the door. Please say it's Skye, he thought. He had decided that today he was going to tell Skye he loved her.
He rushed to the door, and when he opened it, his grin disappeared.
It was Kelly.

"What are you doing here?"

"Lovely to see you too Kevin, as always," she said sarcastically, walking in as Kevin closed the door. "Anyways I'll be quick. I was just getting ready for a party I'm going to with Colin- a real man- when I realized I couldn't find my turquoise blouse. I must have left it here one time. Have you seen it?"

"I don't know! Maybe it's at your "real man"'s house." Kevin said bitingly.

"No, I haven't worn it in a while so I think it must be here. You know, the turquoise blouse with the collar that buttons down the front? Surely you must have seen it."

"You know Kelly, I really don't have any idea...but you can go look for it if you want. But now I'm watching "Equinox" so you can go look yourself. I'm sure you'll find it in one of the huge piles on my floor."

"You always were a slob you know."

"Give it a rest."

"There might be a bracelet up there too, cuz I couldn't find that either."


Kelly went upstairs to look as Kevin returned to the cheesy clay-mation effects of the 1970 film Equinox. He was just getting to the part when the clay-mation squid started to attack the cabin when there was another knock at the door. 'Who now?' he thought. 'Barbara Graham?' He shuddered at the thought. He hurried to the door.


"Hi Kevin. I really need to talk to you. I have to tell you something."

Kevin was just about to say the same when he remembered the Hag upstairs. "Um, it's not really the best time right now-"

"No, just hear me out, okay Kevin? I need to say this while I still have the courage. I mean, well what I'm trying to say is, Kevin....Well, I know I don't have the best track record when it comes to men, and I know I've had a lot of screwy relationships-"


"And I know I've messed up a lot of times in the past, but this is different. I've changed, and-"


"Kevin what I'm trying to say is that I love you. I'm in love with you."

There was a moment of silence, and just as Kevin was about to reply, Kelly came down the stairs, her turquoise blouse that she had just found wrinkled and only buttoned up a few at the bottom. "Kevin I can't find my bracelet."

Kevin flinched as he saw the look of horror on Skye's face. She was frozen, as she looked at Kevin, then Kelly, then Kevin again. A single tear slid down her face. She had never felt so humiliated in her life. Maybe Sophia's passing comment wasn't so farfetched after all.

"I- I'm sorry I wasted your time." Tears streaming down her face, she turned and ran out the door.

"Skye, wait! It's not what you think! Skye! Skye!"
But she was gone.

Chapter 9

"Um, did I miss something?" Kelly asked.

"Shut up Kelly. Just get out of here. On second thought, finished getting dressed and lock the door on your way out. I'm outta here, I gotta go find her." Kevin ran out and slammed the door. Kelly just stood there, incredulous.
Skye drove around, not to anywhere in particular, just away from Kevin's, as the rain poured down thunderously. As a huge bolt of lightning came crashing down, Skye fumbled with the control for the radio, tears streaming down her face. Last time she would ever make the mistake of giving her heart to her man again.

"I'd like to dedicate this song to my fiancé, Ken, you are my heart and soul. I love you!" a woman's voice said gleefully. Skye sniffed and quickly turned the knob. That was the last thing she wanted to hear. Some rock song came on the other station, but with a huge clap of thunder and another monstrous bolt of lightning, she suddenly lost the radio signal. "Oh well," she thought, "At least I don't have to hear any more damn love songs." Thinking of the scene at Kevin's, she burst into another round of tears. Suddenly, her car started slowing down.

"What the-"

Skye looked at her gas gauge. "Empty? Damn it! Ohhhh I must have forgotten to fill it yesterday, after I went to the movies with-" quickly, Skye pushed that thought out of her mind. She had no choice, she had to walk to the gas station. "Oh, no problem," Skye thought sarcastically, "It's only 2 frickin miles." With the minuscule amount of gas she had left she pulled over and then got out of the car, and was immediately pounded upon by millions of freezing cold water droplets. "Lovely spring weather we're having..." So she began walking, as quick as she could despite the slippery road and her broken spirits. She looked ahead and saw that she was near the docks. She could cut through them as a shortcut....
"Where the hell could she be?" Kevin thought to himself as he drove through the torrential storm. He had checked her room at the Bayberry, the Country Club, the Palace, Rodi's, the Break Bar, Sophia's place, the new coffee shop Hallowed Ground, and even Crossroads but she hadn't been at any of those places. As he drove by the docks, he saw a figure bending over. Could that be Skye? The figure looked about her size. Kevin pulled over and ran out of his car towards the docks.

"Skye? Skye?" Kevin saw her bending over on the docks.

"Leave me alone Kevin. I can't see you right now."

"What are you doing on the ground?"

"I dropped my necklace, I can't find it. But that's the least of my troubles. Just go, Kevin, be with Kelly. Since that's obviously who you want."

"No! Skye it was all a misunder-"

"Kevin! For the love of God just go!"

Before Kevin could protest, he saw something shiny near his feet. It was Skye's necklace.
"Skye, I found your necklace."

"Okay so give it to me and leave. Please."

But Kevin didn't give it to her. He picked it up and walked to Skye, as the rain continued to pour heavily upon them. Skye was drenched, her hair all matted down, her mascara running, but Kevin didn't care. He thought she had never looked more beautiful in her whole life.

"Here, let me do it." He stood behind her, lifted up her hair and began to put her necklace on her.

Despite her tremendous longing for him, Skye said, "No Kevin I can do it myself. Just leave me alone, I'm begging you. Get out of here."

But Kevin closed the clasp and then turned her around.

"Won't Kelly be wondering where you are?"

"Skye, you've got to understand. I'm not with Kelly anymore! We broke up weeks ago!"

"Oh yeah, then why was she at your house half naked?"

"Oh, Skye, I know how bad that must have looked. But you've got to listen to me."

Skye turned her head away.
Kevin took her head in his hands and turned it back towards his.

"No Skye listen to me. It was all a misunderstanding. She knocked on my door and started complaining that she couldn't find a blouse of hers that she hadn't worn in several weeks, since we were together, and also a bracelet. She asked me to find them, but I told her to just go upstairs and find them herself."

"And then I came?"

"Right. Then you came. And Skye, I was beyond happy to see you. Things just looked a lot worse than they really were."

"Really, Kevin? Do you swear to me that there's nothing going on between you and Kelly anymore? Because I need to know and I need to know now."

"Skye, I swear to you with my heart, my soul, with every fibre of my being, things are 100% absolutely finished between me and Kelly. You know I would not lie to you. Kelly and I are done. Over. You are the only woman for me, and you have been for some time now. I can't get you out of my mind."

Skye's face began to brighten. "Really?"

Kevin grinned, and took her hand. "Yeah. And Skye, the reason I was so beyond happy to see you when you arrived at my door was because I really really wanted to say something to you."

"Okay," Skye said, as she shivered from the cold, relentless rain.

"Skye, I know I don't have the best track record when it comes to women, and I know I've had a lot of screwy relationships, and I know I've messed up a lot of times in the past, but this is different. I've changed, and Skye, what I'm trying to say is that I love you. I'm in love with you."

Skye's heart melted. Those was exactly what she had said to him. He had remembered every word! "You love me?"

"With everything I am. I love you Skye Chandler."

"Oh Kevin, I love you so much! I just couldn't wait to actually say it out loud. I love you!" Kevin laughed.

"Well sing it to the heavens baby! I'll say it first." Kevin stood facing the rest of Llanview. "I love Skye Chandler! I love her!" he yelled. "Okay, your turn." Skye giggled. "I love Kevin Buchanan! I love him!" she yelled. Then they both laughed.

"Skye, I will make a promise to you right now. You are my everything. You are my present, and I want you to be my future as well."
"Kevin, if you think I won't be your future, you're crazy, because I've been dreaming of a future with you for so long!"

"I love you Skye."

"I love you Kevin."

Then the two came together in a passionate kiss. They just stood there, lips locked, happier than they had ever been in their whole lives, in a state of just pure bliss, as the rain continued to pour down.

When the kiss finished, Kevin pulled Skye closer and said, "Come on, let's get out of this rain, and let's go out to celebrate! Dinner at the country club, on me!"

"Okay," Skye said, smiling, "But can I go home and get changed first? I look kind of a mess."

"You've never looked better. You're the woman I love and you're absolutely beautiful."

"I love you Kevin." "I love you Skye." The reached for each other's hands, and together, they walked to Kevin's car. The worst was over, and the future could hold only good things for the two people in love, Kevin and Skye.

Chapter 10

September 16, 2051

Joseph Stuart Buchanan raised his glass. "Let's hear it for Kevin and Skye, and fifty years of the happiest and most loving marriage possible!"

Everyone in the room clinked glasses and applauded, as the happy old couple kissed.

"Now, everyone, my beautiful daughter Karen would like to read you a poem." Everyone applauded again as the petite 14 year old daughter of Joe's, the granddaughter of Kevin and Skye, approached the microphone.

"Hi everyone, and congratulations grandma and grandpa!" Everyone clapped again. "Okay, this is a poem I wrote, entitled "Destined To Be Together"." She cleared her throat.

"About eighty five years or so ago,
Was a happy day for Viki and Joe.
For into this world came a little boy,
Named Kevin Buchanan, their pride and joy.
A few months later, a beautiful girl
Came into this crazy world.
Her name was Skye, and she was a cutie
And she would go on to become quite a beauty.
When the two met, the sparks did fly,
But they were just friends, Kevin and Skye.
But soon the friendship turned to love,
As it if it were guided by God, up above.
And exactly fifty years from now,
The two made it official and exchanged their vows.
About a year later, a surprise came, so wild,
For Kevin and Skye were expecting a child.
Though the doctors said it couldn't be done.
A miracle occurred and they had a son.
His name was Joseph Stuart,
And he was quite the napper,
But proud parents Skye and Kevin
Had never been happier.
Two years later, they were given a whirl
When they found out they were expecting a girl!
So on the 27th of May, 2004 was the year,
Sophia Victoria was born, and she was a dear.
Skye and Kevin raised a great family with Sophia and Joe,
But as the years went by, their love continued to grow.
Joe married Megan, and Sophia married Shawn,
And pretty soon they had kids of their own.
That would be me and my sister Jen,
And my cousins, Michelle, Chris and Glenn.
But now that they're old, their love remains true,
For over all those years, their love grew and grew.
Because just like two birds of a feather,
Kevin and Skye were destined to be together."

The people in attendance at the Country Club erupted in thunderous applause. Joe and his wife Megan, their older daughter Jen; Sophia and her husband Shawn and their three older children, Michelle, Chris, and Glenn; Sophia Pellegrino Buchanan and her husband Joey Buchanan and their family; Jessica and her husband Al Holden and their family; Hayley and Mateo Santos and their family; JR and his wife Teresa and their family; Colby and her husband Andrew and their family; Scott Chandler and his wife Jacqueline and their family; Kevin's son Duke and his wife Melissa and their family, and several of their other friends. Kevin and Skye hugged their youngest granddaughter, kissed her forehead, then kissed each other and their friends and family applauded again. "Happy 50th Anniversary!" everyone yelled happily. Kevin kissed his beautiful wife again.

"I love you honey, and I mean it as much today as the first time I said it to you, on those docks, remember?" Kevin said.

"Of course I remember, and I love you, dear so much. I cherish this marriage as much as I did fifty years ago when we exchanged our vows in St. James.

Kevin raised his glass. "Here's to many more years with my darling wife." "Hear hear" everyone replied. Kevin and Skye clinked glasses. "You know, I think Karen was right," Skye said to all their loved ones. I do believe that my love, Kevin, and I really were destined to be together."