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Robin Christopher and Cynthia Preston are not only my two favourite actresses on General Hospital, but my two favourite actresses ever! It has been my pleasure to discover that many Robin fans are also Cynthia fans, and vice versa! Does this apply to you? If so, join the Robin Christopher~Cynthia Preston FanListing today!

RC~CP Fan #1: Karen Monforton (SkyeKevin Fan)
RC~CP Fan #2: Momrobare
RC~CP Fan #3: Lynn
RC~CP Fan #4: Melissa G.
RC~CP Fan #5: Meg C.
RC~CP Fan #6: Dawn Switzer
RC~CP Fan #7: Michelle72375
RC~CP Fan #8: MrsTChristopher


If you would like to join the Robin Christopher~Cynthia Preston FanListing, email me at and be sure to let me know what name or screen name you would like me to display on the list!

The two fan arts above are by me!!

The two fan arts below appear courtesy of Momrobare.