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"I love working with Robin. We have a great time on the set, and she is a genuinely sweet person."
---Ted King (Lorenzo)

"I love, LOVE working with Robin. She's so great. She's smart and funny and she's just the kind of woman who would keep Luke interested."
---Anthony Geary (Luke)

A place to pay tribute to the world's best actress!

Vote for Robin as ABC Daytime's Best Actress!

~FALL 2006~
Welcome to Robin Christopher fans from around the globe!!! :)
I'll be the first to admit that GH hasn't been very much fun for me lately with Robin's Skye being absent, but happily, the soap mags  have just begun reporting on Robin's return. She is said to be back sometime between late September and early October... that can't come soon enough!
I can't wait to see what happens with her baby, with Lorenzo, with the Quartermaines, and anyone else who might enter her sphere. I would also like to see a major question answered... Who Is Her Father???
I'd also love to see Skye develop a new friendship with one of the ladies in Port Charles. My personal pick would be Alexis, who is in dire need of a friend, what with her cheating husband, scheming daughter, and life-threatening illness. I think Robin and Nancy would be loads of fun together.
You may have a different choice. That's cool! Why don't you let your opinion be known on the new September/October Fan Poll. I know it's a question that's been asked before, but I think with the new challenges Skye will soon be facing, her need for a female friend will be all the more relevant.
I think Robin's Skye could really be a major player on the GH canvas and really should be, and if you agree, be sure to let the powers that be know it! If you want Skye paired with Lorenzo, Luke, or Jax, if you want her to befriend Alexis, Liz, or Carly, or if you want her working as a fashion designer, ELQ CEO, or even a professional underwater basket weaver, LOL, the important thing is that you let those in charge know about it! As always, I encourage you to write to Bob Guza, Charles Pratt, Jill Farren Phelps, and Brian Frons and let them know you love Robin, love Skye, and hope that she gets increased airtime.  Every piece of support for Robin counts. We want the world to know that Robin *IS* appreciated and that Skye *does* belong in Port Charles!
I, too, would also love to hear your opinions! Drop me an email, sign the guestbook, or post away on the forum... whatever your heart desires! :)
As always, take some time to peruse the site and show your devotion to this outstanding lady, beautiful, talented, kind, unstoppable Robin Christopher!!
Love Your Webmistress,
Karen :)

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with Robin Christopher, One Life to Live or General Hospital. I am just a very big fan of Robin's work and felt she deserved a site dedicated to her.
MOST photo credits:
Feel free to copy the pictures that DO NOT belong to me, such as the screen caps or ABC shots, but before you copy any written work or photos of mine, please email me first to ask permission at However you may print any of the articles, interviews or fanfictions you like and I don't require permission for that. :o)

~*~*SITE UPDATES!!*~*~
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January 3/06:  New quote from TED KING added to the top of the page.
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Portrait Copyright Karen Monforton 2003. DO NOT COPY.

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